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Image Copyright: Novitec

Novitec Alfa Romeo 8C Spider

Novitec announced details about its all-new tuning programme for the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider. The tuning package pushes the 8C Spider to higher limits:

  • Power boost of 150 hp, so now the car has 600 hp of power output at 7,300 rpm.
  • Peak torque of 588 Nm at 5,400 rpm.
  • 0 to 100km/h sprint time: 3.9 seconds
  • Top speed increased to 305 km/h (vs 290k/h stock)

The World’s Most Powerful and Fastest Alfa Romeo:

8C Spider with 600-hp Supercharged Engine and a Top Speed of 305 km/h

The most powerful and fastest street-legal Alfa Romeo of all time comes from NOVITEC, the world leader in tuning for the automobiles from Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lancia. Power output of the Alfa Romeo 8C, Coupe and Spider, jumps to 600 hp / 441 kW thanks to a high-tech supercharger system. Top speed grows to 305 km/h. In addition, the tuner offers a stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system, a custom-tailored tire/wheel combination with 21- and 22-inch diameters and a height-adjustable sport suspension.

The limited-edition sports car is based on the technology of the Maserati GT. For this reason NOVITEC adapted a development by sister company NOVITEC TRIDENTE, which specializes in tuning the models carrying the trident emblem, to the 8C. The high-tech supercharger conversion for the 4.7-liter V8 was modified to fit into the space under the hood of the Alfa Romeo 8C.

The supercharger is driven by a cogged-tooth belt directly from the crankshaft and thus breathes more power into the eight-cylinder four-valve engine even at very low engine speeds. Maximum boost pressure is limited to 0.37 bar. The mechanical charging system is rounded out by a water-to-air intercooler with dedicated radiator, and by custom injectors.

Newly calibrated mapping for injection and ignition ensure a potent and harmonious power delivery and clean emissions.

Performance figures are accordingly impressive: The compressor conversion, which sells for EUR 19,900, boosts power output of the 450-hp / 331-kW stock V8 by 150 hp / 110 kW. The maximum rated power output of 600 hp / 441 kW is available at 7,300 rpm. Peak torque jumps to 588 Nm at 5,400 rpm.

This elevates driving performance to a level never before attained by a street-legal Alfa Romeo: the sprint from rest to 100 km/h is shortened to just 3.9 seconds. Top speed increases from standard 290 km/h to 305 km/h.

The optionally available NOVITEC stainless-steel sport exhaust system for the Alfa Romeo 8C benefits more than just power yield. The integrated flap system varies the exhaust note depending on engine speed from sporty to racing-like. The exhaust system with its four tailpipes is designed to perfectly fit into the standard cutouts in the rear apron.

While the body of the 8C Coupe or Spider remains untouched, NOVITEC adds some thrilling highlights to the appearance of the two-seater with three-piece NA3 wheels. To further emphasize the wedge-shape design of the 8C, the specialists chose a staggered combination with 21-inch diameter in front and 22 inches on the rear axle. The alloy wheels feature five double spokes and are available in any desired color. In sizes 9Jx21 and 11.5Jx22 they fill out the available space in the wheel wells perfectly. The matching high-performance tires are supplied by Formula 1 supplier Pirelli in sizes 255/30 ZR 21 and 315/25 ZR 22.

The height-adjustable NOVITEC threaded coil-over suspension is precisely calibrated to these king-sized tires. It allows each driver of the Alfa Romeo to select ride-height and damper rates to suit his or her personal taste.

Upon customer request NOVITEC also personalizes the cockpit of the 8C with exclusive appointments made from the finest leather and Alcantara in any desired color.

Novitec Alfa Romeo 8C Spider


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