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Ford GT

If you’re looking for a car that epitomizes the classic “American Muscle Car”, your search ends here. The Ford GT, brought out in 2003, is not just another sports car; it is a modern adaptation of the legendary Ford GT-40 which used to be called the “Ferrari killer” due to its supremacy over the race track. This limited edition supercar was rolled out as part of the centennial celebrations of the Ford Motor Company. Initially developed as a concept car, the Ford GT amazed critics with its stellar performance on the road and its stunning looks, all under a price tag of $140,000.

First impressions:
The Ford GT supercar has the feel of the legendary GT-40 but its dimensions have been slightly altered. The GT is 18” longer and 4” taller compared to the GT-40. Its sleek aluminium chassis and the superplastic-formed aluminium body panels give the car a more modern look, worthy of being a successor to the original. The body ducting is more subtle and is cleverly integrated into the surface planes and curves.

Although its dimensions have been tinkered with, the Ford GT retains the side-profile of the racing GTs. Air flowing over the car puts pressure on the front tires and presses them down against the road. The aerodynamic design of the roof and windshield lets the air flow over the car smoothly and without much hindrance even when the car is travelling at its peak speed.

Inside look:
The “cockpit” presents a novel blend of the classic feel of the GT-40 with a modern touch- the straightforward analogue gauges, the metal shift knob and the large toggle switches are reminiscent of the speed and thrill that a driver of the original race car feels while the magnesium centre console and illuminated climate controls give you the look and feel of a modern sports car.

The interior design also incorporate the novel concept of “ventilated seats” which was one of the unique plus points of the original car. The seats are ventilated with deep bottom cushions, which offer great comfort during long and tiring drives on the highways. The fully adjustable steering wheel has a rim that is strategically placed for driver comfort. The interior is surprisingly roomy with more than adequate leg-space so that you don’t feel like you’re flying economy class.

Under the Hood:
The Ford GT boasts of an array of unique technological features that place it way ahead of the competition such as the 5.4L Supercharged Modular V8 engine, a friction stir welded central tunnel, capless fuel filler system, single-piece door panels, and roll-bonded floor panels. All in all, the car is designed to offer the performance of a Ferrari with the user-friendly interface and drivability of a Corvette. The blistering 3.5-second 0-60mph performance appeals to those who crave for speed while the engine stability and the amazing suspension satisfies those who just want a comfortable ride.

Safety Features:
Although not subjected to the rigors and dangers of the race track, the Ford GT packs in an impressive set of safety features which include anti-lock brakes, front-impact airbags, pretentioners and a state-of-the-art security system.

Ford GT


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