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Alfa Romeo Car Pictures and Wallpapers:

Alfa Romeo Car pictures and wallpapers as well as news for all the latest and greatest Alfa Romeo manufactured till date - Page : 1



Alfa Romeo Company Information

The story goes that Henry Ford used to doff his hat when he saw an Alfa Romeo pass, and that on the day he managed to beat the Alfas, Enzo Ferrari cried like a baby.

The company has come through a century of history, contributing many memorable pages to the history of the motorcar.

There are icons that have always been part of the collective global image of Alfa Romeo: its 'cuore sportivo' or sporting heart,
indomitable vitality, the sound of the engine, the elegance of the forms, and Italian design. So we have prepared a journey through time linking all the various images of the Alfa Romeo legend from its origins to the present day.
The contents of this section are organized chronologically, along a timeline, marked by the key dates in Alfa Romeo's history from its
origins to today.

Source: Alfa Romeo

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