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Novitec Rosso TuNero High Res Pictures


Alright, we had covered Novitec Rosso TuNero back in September but didn't had official PR or pics. Here's the official press release and high res pictures. Continue reading for pictures and details on how TuNero Concept was born!!!


Official PR: TuNero Collaboration

The most wonderful things can happen when two people share their visions over a drink, or two or three. The “TuNero” project collaboration is the result of a concept born from Marcus Walz of Walz Hardcore Cycles and Wolfgang Hagedorn of NOVITEC Rosso Ferrari tuning after a late night exchange of ideas over cocktails.

The NOVITEC Rosso F430 TuNero is one badass super car that melds the rebellious spirit of a leather clad Walz biker with the precision high performance tuning of NOVITEC Rosso.

Outside the TuNero is matte black from the ground up, a new rear bumper houses the central exhaust. Inside, every piece has been inspired by Walz and manufactured by NOVITEC from the “Hardcore” embroidered seats, to the roll bar with skull and cross bones.

NOVITEC Rosso's tuning options for the 430 also include a front bumper, side skirts and rear wing, offered in reinforced fiber glass or carbon fiber. Aiding to heighten performance is a 380mm brake system and 2-way adjustable coil over suspension with electronic feed back.

NOVITEC developed a 707hp supercharger to truly make the TuNero bad to the bone.

For more information contact:
Kathleen Fisher
CEC Marketing Manager

Novitec Rosso TuNero High Res Pictures


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