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DC Design Car Pictures and Wallpapers:

DC Design Car pictures and wallpapers as well as news for all the latest and greatest DC Design manufactured till date - Page : 1



DC Design Company Information

About DC DESIGN PVT LTD DILIP CHHABRIA DESIGN PVT LTD was founded by Dilip Chhabria who is qualified in Transportation Design from Art Centre, Pasadena, USA. DC Design is recognised as the leading Automobile Designer in India. The company has participated directly in the Geneva motor show, and has always had its products displayed at all major auto shows in Detroit, Japan, Frankfurt and Paris in each exhibition year. DC Design has a 600+ strong portfolio of unique cars/vehicles built and on the road. Its quality of styling and prototyping can be benchmarked against the best in the world. Its capacity of 1 million man-hours of skilled craftsmen translates styling sketches into handcrafted forms in metal/wood. Its USP is to offer 1st world quality at 3rd world prices. Its product offerings span a wide range of vehicles – cars, buses, luxury vans, recreational vehicles, special purpose vehicles, passenger buses and automotive education and research.

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