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Image Copyright: GiegerCars

GeigerCars Dodge Challenger SRT8

As German as GeigerCars is, they know a thing or two about tuning American cars. No surprises then, as the company shows off its latest best from the west creation, a Dodge Challenger-based muscle car using the HEMI V8 to power itself. It's the SRT 8's soul that it comes with, that 6.1-litre V8 which produces 425hp/ 317kW off the showroom floor.

This being GeigerCars, that was never going to be enough, so a force-feeding kit is employed to up the power to a much more inviting 569hp/ 424kW and 678Nm of torque. A stainless steel tailpipe takes care of aural pleasures at the rear. The 22-inch rear wheels handle all this power on request for anyone with the required €14,900.

Braking prowess comes from 6-piston front calipers and 4-piston calipers at the rear, and 380x32 and 355x32 mm brake discs. An H&R adjustable suspension system can be added optionally for €1,529.

Geigercars Dodge Challenger SRT8

GeigerCars, not like most German tuners that usually stick with revising only the European brand, has a popular fascination with muscle cars of the American brand. The company now has taken the current Dodge Challanger and modified it, putting on extra power and making it more fashionable.

Although the production version Dodge Challenger SE sports an unassuming 250hp (186kW) V6, GeigerCars announces on its internet site that this is “totally inadequate.” For the German tuner, even the 375hp (280kW) R/T variant and the 425hp (317kW) SRT8 are both a little bit not enough, which is just as well bearing in mind that there are a few ‘Kompressorkits' scattered about with the Geiger label.

Through the muscle of forced induction, Geiger takes the SRT8 Challenger and elevates it to 569hp (424kW), generated at 6,300rpm. At the same time, a torque of almost 500lb-ft (680Nm) will be conveyed toward the totally enormous 22 inch tires at the back, which should be enough to assist the SRT8 to produce a little more smoke than it is previously used to. Ensuring that the car impresses with its exhaust audio presentation, Geiger is also adding a stainless steel exhaust system for €1,990 ($2,560) that will generate a “truly magnificent” audio experience for the observers on the street as well as for the passengers.

On the other hand, stopping potency is supplied by a high-performance braking system offered at €6,644 ($8,550). For extra cost, Geiger will include six-pot front calipers and four-pot rear calipers, together with big 380mm brake discs for the front and 355mm discs for the rear. An extra €1,529 ($1,967) can avail an adjustable H&R suspension system to enable the vehicle to tackle corners smoothl


GeigerCars Dodge Challenger SRT8


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