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G-Power BMW M3 E46

Tuning firm G-Power has created a new performance package for the BMW M3 E46.

Dubbed the SK I supercharger system, the package consists of a large ASA TM I 20 centrifugal supercharger which enables BMW's 3.2-liter inline-six to produce 450 hp and 450 Nm of torque (up from 343 hp/365 Nm). Thanks to the additional 107 hp, the G-Power M3 E46 accelerates from 0-200 km/h in 14.7 seconds, which beats the 15.8 second time posted by BMW's 420 hp V8-powered M3 E92.

If G-Power's 20-inch "Silverstone diamond" alloy wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport tires are also ordered with the SK I supercharger system, the M3 E46's top speed increases to more than 300 km/h (186 mph). Other optional equipment includes a high performance stainless steel muffler and a continuously height-adjustable G-POWER coil-over suspension with nine selectable settings.

G-POWER M3 E46 and Z4M with 450 hp


450 hp for the BMW M3 E46 and Z4M, that's quiet impressive. The G-POWER SK I supercharger system provides the 3.2 l straight cylinder engine from the BMW M GmbH with the necessary boost to push the output from standard 343 hp/365 Nm to awesome 450 hp/450 Nm. 20 inch G-POWER “SILVERSTONE DIAMOND” alloy wheels with MICHELIN Pilot Sport tyres in the dimensions 245/30 ZR 20 and 285/25 ZR 20, G-POWER coil-over suspension  and a stainless steel sport rear muffler featuring the legendary G-POWER “DEEPTONE” technology complete the G-POWER package for the two M-cars.


After getting the BMW E46 scene ecstatic with the 550 PS strong G-POWER M3 with integrated 5.0l M5 V10 engine, by the way the only one on the market, G-POWER launches another product for serious performance upgrade for the BMW M3 E46 and Z4M, that will fascinate the M- enthusiasts.  Being the leading manufacturer of after market supercharger systems for BMW automobiles it is no surprise that G-POWER naturally relies on forced induction for its new product based on the premium superchargers from ASA.   


And the result is awesome! Despite the fact that G-POWER did not go for the expensive compression reducing forged pistons and even the exhaust system stays untouched, reliable 450 hp and 450 Nm of torque could be realized for the BMW M3 E46 and Z4M.


The secret behind this power explosion under the bonnet of the G-POWER M3 E46 and Z4M is the large ASA TM I 20 centrifugal supercharger. By the way, the ASA superchargers are being used in the ALPINA models B5S, B6S and B7 as well, just like the ALPINA B6 GT3 race car, in witch the chargers could state there impressive quality and reliability during in this year's 24th hour race in the “Green Hell” of the Nürburgring! The exclusive use of components meeting OEM standards is one of the basic elements of the G-POWER philosophy and one of the secrets for the extraordinary quality, reliability and performance of the G-POWER products.


Of course a 107 hp additional power leave its marks at the performance figures. The figure from stand still to 200 km/h improves from standard 18,1 seconds to impressive 14,7 seconds. Not bad for a car that has been introduced almost 10 years ago and now is even quicker than the current 420 hp strong BMW M3 V8 with its 15,8 seconds.


Accompanying measures in regards of wheels, suspension and exhaust system complete the G-POWER program for the BMW M3 E46 and Z4M.


Together with the 20 inch G-POWER “SILVERSTONE DIAMOND” alloy wheels set and the MICHELIN Pilot Sport tyres a top speed of more than 300 km/h is achievable. The G-POWER SILVERSTONE alloy wheels have been exclusively designed for the current BMW models. Due to the successful combination of double spokes and the "concave design" typical of G-POWER they separate the BMW M3 E46 and Z4M form the rest of the mass production. The G-POWER “diamond cut” provides for the fascinating dynamic appearance of the G-POWER SILVESTONE rim, in contrast to the silver-graphite coated rim body and the bolt applications of stainless steel. An additional feature of the G-POWER SILVERSTONE rim is its weight-optimised design that allows a low rim weight with the same stability, compared to other standard wheels. A perceptibly improved impression of convenience and a considerably increased agility accompany the minimisation of the unsprung mass: advantages of the G-POWER SILVERSTONE rim, which you can factually experience especially in combination with the low-profile tyres from MICHELIN in the dimension 245/30 ZR 20 and 285/25 ZR 20. Further improvement of the road handling is realized through the continuously height-adjustable G-POWER coil-over suspension RS with nine selectable settings each for bound and rebound.


Not included in the G-POWER SK I supercharger system for the BMW E46 M3 and Z4M, but still worth a second thought, is the G-POWER sports rear muffler. This rear muffler is completely hand made out of stainless steel on the in- and outside and grants for a perfect fit thanks to OEM standard product quality. Though when you fire up the engine and the throaty G-POWER sound emerges the 4 x 76 mm end pipes of the G-POWER sports rear muffler, all those attributes are swept aside. The sound is strong in low revs and is getting more and more aggressive the higher you rev. With this setup the G-POWER sports rear muffler underlines perfectly the significantly increased power of the BMW M3 E46 and the Z4M.  The patented G-POWER “DEEPTONE” technology is responsible for this extraordinary sound pattern.


G-Power BMW M3 E46


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