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Image Copyright: EDO Competition

EDO Competition Koenigsegg CCR 2011

It would be hard to find a person who is not blown with the performance of the Koenigsegg CCR. But, the team at EDO Competition believe that there is a room for the performance enhancement. The end result is full boost pressure at 3700-6000 rpm, calm stable braking, finely balanced straight-line over 300 kmph for a phenomenal and much better acceleration and drivability.

Significant strength gains and improved drivability for a very rare super athletes

One of the main focal points for high-quality modifications for super sports cars is the vehicle Ahlener forge edo competition Motorsport GmbH No matter what the model, the team is constantly striving for ways to refine and optimize it. This is also the owner of a Koenigsegg found one.Not satisfied with the performance of its cars, and the desire for change in driving behavior and the optimization of the design, he commissioned the team of edo competition, to remedy this situation.

Since the eight-cylinder is loaded by two compressors, the main attention was paid to the coordination of the two Rotrex charger. With support from the manufacturer, the compressor changed translation, after which they adapted the engine electronics. The goal is improved performance with the linear power delivery throughout the rev range was to get. The new translation is the compressor motor significantly earlier now be max. From torque and, depending on tuning up to 891 hp. For this, however, had the maximum speed of the engine are reduced from 7200 rpm, as this is the permanent stability of the loader was in danger.

The gear, which amended its hake time shift gate. The six-speed circuit has been completely dismantled and instead of the plastic joints were used Uniballgelenke. As a result, that is, full boost pressure even at 3700-6000 rpm, calm stable braking, finely balanced straight-line over 300 km / h and reduces the top speed of 390 km / h for a phenomenal and much better acceleration and drivability.

Further changes were made in the design of interior and exterior. For example, the rim of a "makeover" treatment with a part in anthracite finish. The new front in the style of the later models, including CCR, and the additional lights in the entire cockpit can be processed Alcantara the Koenigsegg seem even more precious. The redesigned center console now adorns an infotainment system, including rear-view camera and a specially designed pocket for the immobilizer. For security reasons Heist TPM system informs a driver now with the tire pressures and tire temperatures. The display was integrated in the cockpit.

The conclusion: edo competition managed to optimize the extremely rare super athlete with fine detail without the unspoilt character of its own-watered down. But most impressive is the acceleration. As intense and raw, you can experience it in almost any other PS-Boliden.

All modifications are carried out exclusively at edo competition Motorsport GmbH in Ahlen.

EDO Competition Koenigsegg CCR 2011


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