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Edo Competition Ferrari California Spider

Tuning firm Edo Competition has unveiled their new styling and performance packages for the Ferrari California.

On the performance side, Edo offers an ECU recalibration package which boosts the roadster's output from 460 hp to 500 hp (367 kW) and 369 ft-lb (500 Nm) of torque. When combined with Edo's new high performance exhaust system, with adjustable butterfly valves and custom designed high flow catalytic converters, the Ferrari California rockets from 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds before hitting a top speed of 315 km/h (196 mph).

Other performance options include an adjustable sports suspension, a ride-height reduction kit, and a variety of different wheel and tire combinations available in 20 and 21 inches. The company also offers a bespoke interior design service which allows customers to create a lavish cockpit that reflects their unique personality.

edo competition California Spider - something really special

...edo competition presents the California Spider with fine accessories

The Ferrari 599, 612 and 430 have had offspring. The open two-seater, dubbed the California Spider, with its retractable aluminum hard top is the new entry level model among the sports car offerings from Maranello. Having been introduced to the world at the Paris Motor Show last October, the California Spider can now be admired on our roads, too.

For those who wish to further personalize the appearance and performance of this exceptional sports car, edo competition is now offering very special accessories.

Newly-developed wheel/tire sets in 20 and 21 inches are guaranteed to draw amazed looks from passers- by. The wheels are available in several attractive designs. Customers can also opt for a lowered ride height or the addition of a sport suspension system. The sport suspension is adjustable in both compression and rebound damping, allowing for a custom tailored ride for cruising, spirited driving, or competition.

To make sure the performance of a vehicle as special as the California is up to par in all aspects, edo competition also offers custom ECU recalibration. After reprogramming the production ECU, the 8-cylinder engine now generates 367 kW (500HP) and 369 ft-lb of torque at 5,200 rpm. In addition to the recalibrated electronics edo competition can install a newly-developed high performance exhaust system featuring adjustable butterfly valves and custom designed high flow catalytic converters with a 200 cell per square inch metal core.

This well-matched combination enables the engine to develop its new-found power in an impressive manner. The treatment also provides a torque increase that is particularly noticeable in everyday driving. As a result, the performance figures of the edo California Spider are improved as well: It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in a phenomenal 3.9 seconds and the top speed is an impressive 315 km/h (196 mph).

As with all edo competition models, we set no limit to our customers' imaginations. Special interiors or lavish leather upholstery, individual requests are accommodated and executed with quality.


Edo Competition Ferrari California Spider


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