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Edo Competition Lamborghini LP 710 Audigier

Edo competition has just released what they claim to be the fastest Lamborghini ever. The Limited Edition edo Lamborghini LP 710 has a top speed of 224 mph (360 kph). Only five units of the LP 710 will be produced.

At the base of the LP 710 is a Murciélago LP 640. After disassembling the supercar, edo tuners make modifications to the body work, engine, exhaust, interior, tires, and wheels to bring the car up to their racing standards. All mods are completed within three months.

Edo Competition Lamborghini LP 710 Audigier

Tuning-atelier Edo Competition has decided to add «flavor» donor Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640, referring to the American modeleru Christian Audigier. Look what they got ...

In order to become well very exclusive, tyuningery collect all 5 of these cars. It even corporate LP 640 index were replaced in the LP 710. A new super performance later, but now look at it from the outside.

Christian decided to put on a dark body of their brand images skulls, bones and shipastyh roses - is now a combination. His clothes, too, have similar patterns. For, indeed, aerography was invited by another artist - Marcus Pfeil from Austria . He is a designer and translate ideas into reality.

Interior Lamborghini LP 710 also got brand images: at the door upholstery embroidered stems with thorns, on the back seat of skull, and the seats of the Christian name. The fifth point of its brand jeans krasuetsya same logo.


By the way, each of the five potential buyers can order any color for a car - will be done immediately, along with Christian.

Has undergone some changes, and the toppings - Edo Competition introduced, and the engine and aerodynamics, and exhaust system and wheels. All about everything lasted three months - LP 710 has a 6.5-liter V 12 hp with 7e0 and 700 Nm of maximum torque, acceleration up to «hundreds» takes 3.2 seconds and to 200 - up to 10 seconds. The exact maximum speed, no one calls, just a figure of more than 360 kilometers per hour.

Another bonus when buying a car - the owner is able to shoot it with a professional gonschikom behind the wheel of one of two high-speed racing tracks to choose from - in Papenburge in Germany or in Nardo in Italy . This is it and feel the charm of 360 km / h.

Cost Edo Competition Lamborghini LP 710 Audigier of 495 000 dollars. This is without taxes, I think.


Edo Competition Lamborghini LP 710 Audigier


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