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Image Copyright: Steinmetz

Steinmetz Insignia

Almost after five years of tuning and styling, Steimetz is presenting the Opel Insignia at the Essen Motor Show 2008. Check it out after the jump.

World Premiere at the Essen Motor Show 2008

It's taken five years to complete the styling on the Opel Insignia. Now it's ready, packed with the latest technology such as innovative lighting systems, all-wheel drive with selective power distribution to the rear wheels, and adaptive suspension. Not to mention pedestrian protection. So is there still room for tuning?

Emphatically: Yes.

With careful selection, picking up the styling cues, the Insignia by Steinmetz has been given a special tuning package to become a winner in the new look.

The provisional product range:

  • Alloy wheels ST7 20", with white & black highlights
  • Lowering
  • Front grill
  • Front spoiler meeting pedestrian protection guidelines
  • Rear silencer tailpipe
  • Foot mats

Steinmetz Insignia


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