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MTM Bentley Continental GT Birkin Edition

The 2009 MTM Bentley Continental GT Birkin Edition is a high performance two door super sports car.

The standard Continental GT has a 412kW (560hp) V12 engine making torque of 650Nm. MTM upped these numbers to 635hp (467kW) and 650hp (478kW). Peak torque went up to 795Nm. The result is that three seconds were shaven off the standard car's time at the Hockenheim racing circuit while its 0 - 200km/h time of 15.9 seconds was also three seconds quicker. The car achieved 331km/h at the Nardo Oval in Italy.

The MTM Bentley also features adjustable sports chassis and four pipe exhaust systems that reduce the cars height up to 30 mm. The MTM Bentley features 21-inch alloy wheels with six piston calipers and diamond cut brakes that ensure safety braking of the car even at higher speeds.

MTM's Birkin Edition upgrades performance of Bentley standard model

  • 650 Hp and 795 Nm with the Birkin Edition kit for the Continental GT, GTC, Flying Spur, GT
    Speed, GTC Speed and Continental Supersports
  • Unbeatable: the 331 km/h world record with MTM's Bentley Contintenal GT still stands after
    three years.
  • Exclusive 21-inch "bimoto" alloy rims.

Even though Bentley offers greater power and performance in the new Speed version standard models, the special series offer 650 Hp performance in addition to an exclusive sporty look. After nearly three years, the 331 km/h world record still stands - achieved by a sportscar with the MTM Bentley Continental GT. With MTM's Birkin Edition kit, the Continental GT, GTC and Flying Spur series can be upgraded with an exclusive and sporty look, fully in line with the legendary Bentley Boys, who exerted such an influence on the racing scene around 75 years ago.

The modified performance data with which MTM has revived the Bentley cannot be documented in purely technical terms, but performance is also proved on the track in the true sense of the word "experience". The MTM Bentley took three seconds off the standard counterpart on the short Hockenheim circuit, and also three seconds in the 0 to 200 km/h sprint, which the MTM Bolide achieved in 15.9 seconds. No wonder: With his great love for detail and technical efficiency, the developer Roland Mayer pushed the crucial 90 more Hp out of the 12-cylinder standard engine at Wettstetten near Ingolstadt. 650 Hp is the result, and the in-house performance tests recorded 795 Nm, supported by a perfectly coordinated exhaust system with muffler and throttle control which, in addition to the increased performance, delivers a beguiling sound.

As far as the optics and external appearance are concerned, MTM has made no obvious changes to the bodywork. The four-pipe exhaust system with MTM's F-Cantronic gives the tail its visual effect: approximately 30 mm lower than in the standard series. The small intelligent electronic control unit lowers the 2.4-tonner by 35 mm at the rear axle and by around 25 mm at the front axle. Combined with 21-inch alloy rims, the timeless Bimoto design lends an exclusive, sportier look to the Bentley, which not only offers more dynamics to buyers of new vehicles, but will also appeal to those who already drive a Bentley.

EUR 20,000 incl. VAT. MTM throws in the VAT, TÜV certification and assembly in the Birkin edition kit. Those who are still not satisfied can fall back on the MTM Individual program which, as the name implies, customises according to the buyer's wishes.

MTM components for the Bentley Continental GT, GTC, Flying Spur, GT Speed, GTC Speed, and Continental Supersports models.

  • MTM performance enhancement to 635 Hp (467) and 650 Hp (478 kW)
  • MTM stainless steel exhaust system, centre and end muffler incl. throttle control
  • MTM 4-pipe rear spoiler
  • MTM 10.5x21-inch ET40 sports alloy rims
  • MTM 412 x 38 mm brakes for front axle, "diamond cut" brake discs "shiny silver" 6 disc-brake caliper
  • MTM F-Cantronic for pneumatic shock-absorbing chassis (VA up to 35 mm, HA up to 25 mm lower)
  • MTM height-adjustable thread sports chassis
  • MTM spacers
  • MTM chromed grille
  • MTM guarantee, TÜV certification

MTM Bentley Continental GT Birkin Edition


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