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2009 MTM KTM X Bow 318HP

Here’s the new KTM X Bow tuned by MTM.

Up from the standard 240hp (177kW) the KTM X Bow by MTM produces 318 hp and 420 Nm of torque coupled to a 6-speed manual H circuit transmission helping ferry energy to the rear-wheel drive system.

Top speed is 251 km/h (156mph), apparently made especially for those of you who think 250 km/h is just too slow.

The vehicle and tuning package will cost you 64,263 euros inclduing the base price of 56,953 euros for the KTM X Bow.

KTM X-Bow tuned by MTM has increased its power from standard 240 HP to 318HP

With the X-Bow, KTM now presents a vision that has become reality, making the unique spirit of KTM and the

racing feeling that has always been associated with it accessible to everyone, also on four wheels.

MTM also focused here on the support of this lightweight sports car with technical know-how of the

motorsport sector.

MTM not only delivers powerful engines perfectly matched for racing conditions,

but also provides excellent suspension and exhaust system components.

KTM X Bow 318HP Technical Data KTM X BOW are listed below:

Engine 2.0

Capacity 1984 cc
Bore x stroke 82.5 x 92.8 mm
Compression 9.8: 1
Boost pressure (max.) 1.45 bar
Gearbox six-speed manual gearbox H circuit
Power (max.) 233 kW (318 bhp) at 6240 rpm
Torque (max.) 420 Nm at 3790 rpm
Top speed 251 km / h - depending on the tire size
Rear wheel drive
Brembo brakes VA 305 mm
4-piston fixed caliper
Nokian Hakkapelliitta-4 245/40 ZR 18 on
9.5 x 18-inch rims
Base price of the vehicle: 56,953 €
310 hp conversion kit - see pricelist 7310 €
Total price of the vehicle: 64,263 € (Prices inc VAT + installation)
End of MTM KTM X-Bow (318HP) review.


2009 MTM KTM X Bow 318HP


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