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Diatto Ottovu Zagato

Commissioned to Zagato by two private collectors, the Ottovu project celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Diatto Italian historical brand. It was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2007.

Reviving long-lost classic marques has been all the rage in the automobile industry in recent years. The Diatto Ottovu Zagato features an aluminum construction and a front-mounted supercharged V8 sourced from Maserati.

Diatto by Zagato - Ottovų Project

The Geneva motor show goes on - the by now classic tradition of passionate clients of exclusive car manufacturers, which has always stimulated the creativity of the Italian vehicle body makers and enhanced international motor shows.

Notably Zagato, founded in 1919, is the only Atelier capable of marrying historical workshop experience with the most modern design and development technologies.


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Diatto brand, two keen collectors turned to Zagato with the aspiration of resurrecting past collaboration. Way back in 1921, Ugo Zagato designed a lightweight and aerodynamic body for the Diatto 25 4DS chassis. Having applied for and, of course, obtained authorisation from the current owner of the Diatto brand, and having received the two mechanized chassis, the Zagato Atelier produced two tailor-made outfits for the lucky customers in the typical Italian high- class tailoring tradition.


In 2007, the Milanese Atelier with its typically rationalist approach to a project, revamps, with a sporty note, the artistry of one of the most historical brands of the Italian automotive industry: Diatto. Created in 1835 with a Perfected Wheel patent, Diatto made their first car in 1905 and often crossed paths with Zagato in their close collaboration with Ettore Bugatt i, the Maserati brothers and Tazio Nuvolar i.


The bodywork of the two new grand touring cars is entirely made of aluminiu m, one of Zagato's strengths, valued and recognised far and wide by the most demanding collectors. The lids are moulded in a single piece to underline the freedom that a non- industrial approach to the product still allows. The smooth but clear-cut lines characterise the generous and at the same time compact dimensions, typical of the most admired pure Italian sports cars, making them a cult for fans all over the world. Reminiscent of the legendary Zagato Ottov ų, these first two grand touring cars will be an "Instant Classic" in shape and contents.

Diatto Ottovu Zagato


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