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Luxgen7 CEO

Luxgen7 CEO... as name indicates clearly, a car designed specially for CEO. The car provides a luxurious rear cabin interior suitable to carry on business meetings with setup such as in-vehicle intercom system, LED ambient lights, two Nappa leather Ottoman seats with pneumatic massage, an integrated cinema-grade entertainment system and much more. Check out further details after the jump.


  • A unique vehicle designed exclusively for corporate decision makers on the move.
  • Isolated, luxurious and exclusive cabin that fulfills the need of privacy and practically of top business executives.
  • Sumptuous interior and cutting-edge technologies are complemented with exquisite details and an attitude to excel.

A fully-independent and isolated personal space that fulfills the privacy and practical needs of top business executives is a rarity among luxury automobiles. To offer a vehicle that is more than just a luxurious limousine, but also a unique vehicle designed exclusively for the fast-moving corporate decision makers, LUXGEN has unveiled a brand new flagship vehicle - the LUXGEN7 CEO. With peerless amount of space, luxury, comfort, isolation, technology and refinement, the LUXGEN7 CEO can be seen as the premier flagship designed under the “Think Ahead” Brand philosophy.

The understated and elegant exterior design radiates a sense of discreet luxury and yet fully inherits the LUXGEN’s brand spirit. The signature wing-shaped radiator grille echoes the “Wings of Intelligence” design philosophy, while the exclusive chromed egg crate grille imposes a strong stance and class. In addition, the chrome-plated body side trims emphasise the vehicle’s flowing lines and create a visual focus point that denotes the CEO apart in an understated manner.

To match the prestige image of LUXGEN7 CEO, the sophisticated alloy wheel with seven split spokes and two-split layout is adopted to signify the car’s distinguished taste. On the rear of LUXGEN7 CEO, a “ROYALOUNGE” emblem is attached to epitomise the prominence of the owner as well as the majestic vehicle itself.

At the moment of opening LUXGEN7 CEO’s powered sliding door, passengers are invited to enter a whole new world, as the centre partition divider separates the rear cabin resembling that of a private business jet. With the centre divider raised, the rear cabin becomes entirely isolated and an in-vehicle intercom system is provided for communication to the driver on demand. Moreover, the tinted privacy windows surround the rear cabin, and electronically operated window curtains are standard to allow total privacy protection for the passengers.

The rear cabin LED ambient lights and two Ottoman seats covered in rich Nappa leather guarantees each, the Ottoman seats come with pneumatic massage function, cushion ventilation and heated seatbacks to offer total comfort and relaxation. More than that, the rear cabin of LUXGEN7 CEO incorporates an independent rear cabin climate control system and an independent air circulation function to constantly supply fresh air for the prestigious passengers to enjoy.

LUXGEN7 CEO has an integrated cinema-grade media entertainment system equipped with hi-fi JBL speakers for incredible listening experience. Moreover, the viewing angle of the 10.2-inch LCD screen located above the centre partition divider can be easily adjusted remotely.

The interior of LUXGEN7 CEO resembles a luxurious business suite. For instance, the folding table located stored in the centre armrest can be extended with a push on the button, and is designed to support a laptop computer. Its magnificent walnut wood grain and metal trims contribute to the cabin’s all-round lavishness. For the convenience of top executives to carry luggage, briefcases or other personal belongings, the space under the centre divider is dedicated to hold books, magazines and other small items. In addition, an elastic strap is also provided for securing briefcases or personal luggage when the vehicle is on the move.

On top of all luxurious details, the LUXGEN7 CEO also provides thoughtful personal reading lights and cooler/heater beverage storage compartment, and the thick, high grade wool carpet provides, while a “LUXGEN” aluminium plate is embedded on the entering pedal to impress the executives with a touch of exclusivity. The elegant oval-shaped analogue clock embedded on the walnut trim of the centre partition divider resembles that of a premium watch.

The LUXGEN7 CEO impresses with the “Think Ahead” design philosophy to offer the most comfortable and prominent space for total relaxation of body and mind, while the world-leading intelligent THINK+ system redefines the definition of smart driving by incorporating advanced IT technologies, advanced features and sumptuous luxury.

Luxgen7 CEO


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