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Image Copyright: Holden

Holden Torana GTR-X Concept 1970

Holden was very serious about putting the Torana GTR-X into production as the company built several prototype models and even went as far as making a promotional film on the car only to pull the plug at the last minute amidst concerns on the financial viability of the project. All we can say is what a shame.

The 1970 Holden concept sports car Torana GTR-X.

Based on a welded steel box section chassis, running convential 4 link live rear axle and twin A Arm front suspension as per production Toranas of that time, this concept was radical in that it featured an all fibreglass body.

Almost like an Aussie Corvette, the GTR-X didn't feature the Vette's small block Chev powerplant, but rather the triple carbed straight six out of the LC XU-1 Torana. The 160 horsepower 186 cubic inch red motor was backed by the same "Opel"  4 speed of the LC Torana.

Essentially the drive train and suspension from the XU-1 Torana transplanted into a custom chassis and fibreglass shell, other features were an internal roll bar, pop up headlights, and a laminated windscreen.

In case you can't remember, or are too young, the GTR-X never made it into production, although the press releases of the time never promised that.

Take a close look at this car; ain't it a beauty? Even though it was conceived precisely four decades ago, the wedge-shaped Holden Torana GTR-X is classic example of how less can be much more when it comes to design -take note Mr Jason Castriota. Believe it or not, the Torana GTR-X was actually designed by GM's Australian division to enter production in 1970. The concept was to create a low volume sports car using inexpensive tooling and parts straight off the shelf.

In particular, when Holden gave the green light for the development of the Torana GTX-R in mid-1969, the Australian automaker's engineers decided to base the sports coupe on the running gear of the production Torana GTR XU-1, a compact-sized model which had its origins in the British Vauxhall Vivas of the mid 1960s.

The two seater was fitted with the standard's Torana XU1's 186 cubic inch or 3.0-liter straight six that generated an output of 160HP at 5,200rpm and 285Nm or 210 lbs-ft of torque at 3,300rpm. Power was channeled to the rear wheels through a four speed manual transmission. Weighing in at just 1,043 kg or around 2,300 pounds, the GTR-X reportedly posted a top speed of 210km/h or 130mph during testing.

Despite its humble underpinnings, the Torana GTR-X boasted a striking and uncluttered exterior design with an elongated front end that hosted a pair of pop-up lights and a low wedge-shaped grille. The 'wedge' theme continued at the rear-end that featured an elevated tail light assembly. The body was made out of fibreglass.

The Aussie coupe's interior styling matches the simplicity of the exterior design with the most prominent features being the machined aluminium instrument panel and the high-backed sports seats.

Holden Torana GTR-X Concept 1970


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