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Ford Shelby 1000 2012 Review

In a quest to turn the fifth generation Mustang in a truly iconic muscle car, Shelby American revealed their latest limited production take on the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, the monstrous Ford Shelby 1000 which by all means and purposes, cares not about the high gas prices, nor the environment.

Under the bonnet of the Ford Shelby 1000 resides the same 5.4 liter V8 engine that is to be found on the standard Shelby GT500, but it has been heavily modified in order to produce a staggering amount of 950 horsepower. Amongst the more significant changes brought to the initial Shelby GT500 is an upgraded cooling and exhaust system, newly flowed heads and a much more powerful supercharger.

Although a road-legal 950 horsepower Mustang might sounds crazy enough, Shelby American disagrees, reason why they'll offer another variant of the Ford Shelby 1000 dubbed Shelby 1000 S/C which will be able to produce no more or less than 1,100 horsepower. However, unlike the 950 horsepower variant, the 1000 S/C is not road-legal so it will only fulfill its purpose on the race tracks.

Other upgrades consist in a new braking system featuring six-piston front disk brakes and four-piston rear brakes and a much stronger drivetrain which sends power to a nine-inch rear differential.

The uniqueness of the Ford Shelby 1000 doesn't end here because the package which turns the standard Shelby GT500 into a beast has been custom built by hand, thus the Shelby 1000 will be built in limited quantities.

The exterior of the car has also been slightly modified for increased aerodynamics, a new hood with heat extractors, a front splitter and a new rear diffuser have replaced those found on a standard Shelby GT500. A new pair of side skirts has also been fitted on the Ford Shelby 1000 mainly for a change in aesthetics and a few carbon fiber elements have been added as well.

The interior of the Ford Shelby 1000 received only a couple of modifications including a new set of Shelby- branded sport seats and an A-pillar gauge pod.

As for the pricing of the Ford Shelby 1000, well, to put it bluntly, the price is as staggering as the amount of horsepower produced by the 5.4 liter engine. We're talking about roughly $150,000 for the road-legal 950 horsepower variant, and $155,000 for the beefier 1,100 horsepower track version. Keep in mind that these prices represent only the performance kits and do not include the $50,000 stock Shelby GT500 which will receive the modifications.

Ford Shelby 1000 2012


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