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Ducati Streetfighter Review

As every bike lover knows that the name Ducati signifies style, speed and class into one single machine. This is the case with all the machines that Ducati has built thus far. It is no different with the Ducati Streetfighter. In fact, the Streetfighter is so good that many have called this bike as one of the best produced by Ducati in its history.

The Streetfighter is based on the Ducati 1098, which was a legend itself. But to many, this sportsbike was too extreme a machine to be used for daily purposes. Enter the Ducat Streetfighter. Powered by the “almost same” engine of the 1098, the Streetfighter carries the Ducati legacy forward, both in terms of look and performance.

The engine of the Streetfighter doles out 155 HP @9500rpm, which makes the Honda CB1000RR look like a girl's bike and gives the Speed Tripe a definite run for its money. It certainly does not possess the grunt of the KTM at the lower end, but will clear it with ease at higher revs. The gngine differs from the engine of the 1098 in only one aspect and that it has a shorter intakes which makes it lose around 5 HP compared to the previous one. The engine also has bigger bore pipes than the one on the 1098. The bike comes with a top speed of 154mph.

Performance of the Streetfighter is as what it should be. The bike has a nice feel about it when it runs. It does hot corners quite easily and without much difficulty. Design of the chassis is good and performs well in high speed. But many feels that the anti-spin traction control takes some bit of the fun away from riding the Streetfighter.

Look of the Streetfighter is one of sheer attitude, although it does look a lot like the 1098. At the front the bike has a Audi style LED headlight, which gives it a rather sinister look from the front. The Monobloc four-piston Brembo Capillers are undoubtedly one of the most increadible brakes that has been fitted to a road bike ever.

The base model of the Streetfighter is priced at $14,995, with the S version coming at $18,995.

Ducati Streetfighter


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