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Ducati Monster Diesel 2012 Review

Although the name of the bike can be misleading, the Ducati Monster Diesel 2012 is anything but a bike with a diesel engine and it is in fact the result of the partnership between the Ducati MotoGP team and their new sponsor Diesel. Roughly a year after the partnership between the two has started, the Ducati Monster Diesel 2012 has been revealed: a special edition naked bike which draws from the Ducati Monster 1100 Evo.

As a matter of fact, in terms of specifications the Ducati Monster Diesel 2012 is pretty much identical with the Ducati Monster 1100 Evo, sporting the same 100 horsepower engine with wet clutch and an identical anti-lock braking system. In other words the Ducati Monster Diesel is nothing more than a piece of Italian design, a union between both Ducati and Diesel which results in a striking naked bike bearing strong military design elements.

The unique features offered by the Ducati Diesel special edition are the new exhaust system heat shields, a new seat cover as well as a redesigned dashboard cover. Another crucial element which sets apart the Ducati Monster Diesel from the Monster 1100 Evo is the paintjob, whereas the Ducati Trellis frame, exhaust system, engine covers, forks and wheels are painted in black, the rest of the bike has received an exclusive "Diesel Brave Green" matte paintjob. The gas tank has been emblazoned with the "Diesel" logo and both the brake calipers and the rear-wheel spring have been painted in bright yellow, as a reminder that the Ducati Monster Diesel has the same sporty DNA as the 1100 Evo.

To make things even more interesting, the Ducati Monster Diesel 2012 comes hand in hand with a dedicated Diesel capsule collection, in order for the rider to blend in perfectly with the "bad-boy" look of the Monster Diesel. The capsule collection consists in eleven elements including slim-fitting biker jackets, sweats and accessories.

You might now wonder how much will the entire package cost, and whether or not the price is justified or it's just a glorified piece of Italian design. As a matter of fact, the Ducati Monster Diesel 2012 costs $13.795, merely $1800 extra compared with the price of a standard Monster 1100 Evo. That's really not a whole lot considering the fact that you'll be riding on a special edition naked Ducati, which looks -let's be honest- quite rad, wearing a genuine exclusive Diesel outfit.

Ducati Monster Diesel 2012


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