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2009 Suzuki RM-Z450

Suzuki practically based RMís 2009 revision on the fact that it gets fuel injection, a first in motocross racing, and together with that it improved the entire bike in their attempt of becoming a track leader and the most feared opponent ever to be faced by the competition.

RM-Z450 K9

Engine Design

At the heart of the cutting-edge RM-Z450 performance is the 449cm3 4-stroke liquid-cooled DOHC engine, featuring fuel injection and built with emphasis on an all-round power characteristics, including strong "roll-on" power and responsive low-to-mid range powerband.

Styling Design

Sculpted for both style and for effective use of the wind flow. The front number plate, front fender, radiator shrouds and louver plates are all shaped for a highly effective cooling performance, while the rear fender is shaped to heighten intake efficiency.


The RM-Z450's slim chassis design is built around a lightweight twin-spar aluminum frame incorporating racing feedback to realize the rigidity balance for delivering corner-railing, whoops-blazing performance and agile handling on various terrains. The slim riding position opens up the cockpit to help allow the rider to actively take control of the machine.

Electrical Design

The RM-Z450's battery-less electrical design uses a single-phase all-charging system with which the magneto supplies all of the necessary power. To ensure ample data feedback for optimal fuel-injection performance, an 18-pin magneto senses feedback on crankshaft position, rotation speed and stroke for the ECU to calculate optimum injection and ignition timings.

Factory Touches

Race-inspired factory touches include a gold-colored chain, right-handlebar-located hot starter, race-inspired disc rotors and a gripper seat with projected cross-shaped patterns.


Built to be both competitive and flexible, the 5-speed transmission offers the gear ratios suited for various terrains and conditions. A link-type shifting system offers smooth transitions when clicking thru gears.


KEIHIN FCR37MXS carburetor, combined with bat-wing-type air-guide plates, helps deliver a strong mid-to-high range acceleration feel and quick low-throttle-opening response.


High-quality RENTHAL handlebars feature a tapered design are fixed to the triple clamp on a rubber mount.


The twin-spar aluminum frame is designed for strength, rigidity balance and ample

shock-absorption feel, contributing to the RM-Z250's agile handling and performance

through the whoops.

Factory Finishes

Factory finishing touches to the 2009 RM-Z250 include a gripper seat with projected

cross-shaped patterns providing additional grip, race-inspired disc rotors offering better cooling efficiency and more efficient mud slinging, gold-colored chain, and the hot starter located on the right handlebar to help allow rider's left hand to focus on clutch operation.

Fuel Injection

The innovative fuel injection system has a lightweight battery-less design, uses a KEIHIN throttle body with progressive throttle linkage, and makes use of proven technology from Suzuki's championship-winning GSX-R supersport bikes and the QuadRacer R450. A KEIHIN fuel pump inside a factory aluminum fuel tank provides plenty of fuel pressure.


Suzuki Advanced Sump System (SASS) divides the crankcases into separate crankshaft and transmission compartments for a highly compact and short engine design, allowing the engine mass to sit as low as possible.

Engine Design

A compact and lightweight 249cm3 4-stroke liquid-cooled DOHC engine powers the RM-Z250's Winning Balance. Features include a lightweight aluminum cylinder with Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) coating which makes for efficient heat transfer, high durability and light weight.


The inverted twin-chamber SHOWA front forks and the piggyback-reservoir SHOWA rear shock absorber are both designed focused on light weight and smooth shock absorption. A lightweight swing arm helps enhance terrain-traversing performance over


2009 Suzuki RM-Z450


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