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Mclaren 12C Spider 2012 Review

McLaren has recently announced their plans on launching their very first convertible road-going supercar, the McLaren 12C Spider 2012. The new model is basically a topless version of the successful MP4-12C and interestingly enough it comes with all the updates brought by the MP4-12C 2013 hardtop.

Under its hood there's nothing changed so the Spider comes with the same beasty 3.8 liter twin-turbo V8 engine able to develop 616 horsepower. Top speed has been slightly reduced compared with the hardtop and the Spider's top speed is 204 mph instead of 207. The V8 unit is coupled with a 7-speed SSG dual-clutch transmission which sends all the 616 horsepower to the rear wheels.

The retractable hard top can be operated at up to 19 miles per hour and it takes only 17 seconds for the roof to be raised or lowered. An electrical windscreen that can be raised or lowered has also been fitted behind the driver and passenger seats.

The McLaren 12C Spider 2012 is clearly a direct competitor to the Ferrari 458 Spider unveiled last year, so a small comparison between the two seems appropriate. In case you're wondering, the roof on the Ferrari retracts in just 14 seconds, so that's at least one point for the 458.

As mentioned before the Spider comes with all the updates included in the 2013 hardtop model, and that includes the updated Climate Control System, the Intake Sound Generator system which lets the driver choose between three levels of engine noise and updated "auto-headlights" that are automatically switched on when the rain sensors detect rain, just to name a few.

Other distinctive features are the passive Roll Over Protection System that increases safety, a set of bespoke luggage that offers the possibility to use 52 liters of storage when the roof is raised, Brake Steer, McLaren's unique Airbrake system and ProActive Chassis Control.

Customization options include the Volcano Red and Volcano Yellow exterior paint finishes that were introduced with the MP4-12C 2013, as well as the exclusive new trim level on the interior that includes semi-perforated leather and Alcantara. The Diamond Cut finish on the forged wheels is also available on the Spider, besides the standard Silver and Stealth finishes.

The McLaren 12C Spider 2012 is expected to be ready for delivery in November this year and in case you are wondering how much will this beauty cost in the UK, the answer is £195,500.

Mclaren 12C Spider 2012


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