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Honda Civic Sport 2015 Review

2014 Paris auto show will be remembered since long as a treat-giver for the dreamers (because of its concept cars) and the speed lovers (for sports cars). With its wide range is above mentioned segments there was one from the house of Honda, an all new sportier looking hatchback Honda Civic Sport 2015. Though the model doesn’t holds any intentions to bring a high power version like its looks but yes it definitely feels like portrayal of how robust the coming Type R could be.


1.8 liter petrol engine

  • Power: 140 hp

1.6 Liter diesel engine

  • Power: 118 hp


Apart from comfort and space interior of Honda Civic Sport 2015 comes with integrated all new technology and entertainment systems. Civic Sport 2015 gets all new seat fabrics with adding-to-class stitching on headrests. Door Trims and handles also gets a round of revision by adding touch of newness in door trims and blend of chrome on handles while the control panel gets a metallic black finishing. As we talked about space inside Civic Sport 2015 earlier in article, model gets class-leading 477-Liter boot capacity inside, which indistinctively makes it ahead in its segment. Talking about technological features, this all new model gets an integrated all new connect in-car audio and information system offering features like, AM/FM, internet Radio and browsing satellite navigation and rearview parking mirror.


Exterior of Honda Civic Sport 2015 is the place where you’ll feel the sporty attitude running all across the body of Civic Sport 2015 with its daytime running lights integrated headlamps, sleek front bumper and all new designed rear bumper. This all gets very well accompanied by the rear fascia featuring newly designed side skirts, black finished rear spoiler and LED rear combination lamps and all these spreading the aggression over al new 17” alloy wheels. These all amalgamated together with the contrasting color work portrays the Civic Sport 2015’s aggressive and sportive look very well, which is difficult to find in the segment.


The performance specs of Honda Civic Sport 2015 will be over the power of 118 hp 1.6 Liter diesel engine or 140 hp 1.8 liter petrol engine. Honda Civic Sport 2015 comes with additional CTBA Brake active system, designed to keep a check upon the accident caused to high speed automotives. This feature is engineered to auto scan the path and applies brakes upon detecting any accident trait.

Honda Civic Sport 2015


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