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Techart Scandal - Missing Porsche development engines

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Oooh the rumors are FLYING! Our friends over at Final Gear are reporting that Techart, the famed Porsche tuner, appears to be involved in a bit of a scandal this morning. It seems 3 stolen engines from Porsche's development centers have been found in Techart's garage. 2 of the engines were standard engines, but 1 turned out to be a prototype "future engine". Techart maintains they are innocent, and that they simply ordered 3 997 engines. When these strange engines showed up, they noticed it wasn't the 997 engines they ordered and returned it to the dealer. The fallout of all this so far, is that 4 people are in jail, including 2 Porsche customers and 2 Porsche leasing managers. Porsche is now suing Techart for theft. This could get interesting.


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[Source: Final Gear ]


Techart Scandal - Missing Porsche development engines


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