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Image Copyright: Mansory

Lamborghini Aventador Black Diamond Model - Mansory Review

Lamborghini Aventador - the car of the future generation is well renowned for its amusing performance and dazzling style. Aventador has V12 engine with 700PS power and 690 N-m of torque bestowing you the ability of steering around any landscape. If you want to enhance this car with extraordinary top speed and extreme pickup, you can customize your car into the black diamond model. This custom car created by Mansory amends the Aventador’s parts to evolve it into a furious black bull. The novel muscular black diamond is revved up completely right from its cockpit, external body kit and the engine.

Pierce on your pursuits

The prime performance benefit out of black diamond model is the modded engine, with 12 cylinders that exerts up to 754Ps of power, paving the way for the driver to attain the speed of 100km/h with 2.8 seconds. You can steer up to the speed of 8300 rpm with a torque of 750 Nm. The top speed attained by this new model is 355 km/h.

Tune-up your looks

Moving to the interior and exterior design of the car all the parts has been altered to give a perfect look. The parts such as hoods, bumpers, spoilers, side skirts and all the exterior fittings will be altered to carbon fiber of black color. These alterations to the car will reduce the weight of it considerably. In this design the engine compartment’s cover and even its roof will be altered to the carbon fiber material.

Cool out your cockpit

You will feel the comfort and the technology of the future embedded in the interiors of the Lamborghini. The seats are being modified with special leather and the dashboard is being changed completely, to bestow you easy access and the spectacle that is eye-catching. The ordinary pedals will also be replaced with the non-slip aluminum pedals. This car which hunts your eyes on its first sight also quenches your thirst for the race on your roads.

Lamborghini Aventador Black Diamond Model - Mansory


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