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KW Automotive Nissan GT-R

KW, the suspension specialist, premiered at the Geneva Motor Show this year the KW Nissan GT-R equipped with the latest coilover kit. The KW Nissan GT-R also features gull-wing doors and a Hydraulic system HLS that lifts the car by 45 millimeters.

The KW Nissan GT-R Variant 3 coilovers offer individual adjustments while the traction- and compression phase can be regulated independently. The KW Nissan GT-R Variant 3 coilovers are best suited for everyday traffic, but the company also offer the Clubsport version which is aimed at the track.

The HLS system of the KW Nissan GT-R works on both axles to lift the car when going over speed bumps.

KW equips the Nissan GT-R with a coilover kit Package contains gull-wing doors and the hydraulic system HLS

  • KW Clubsport- and Variant 3 coilovers offer individual adjustments
  • Traction- and compression phase can be regulated independently
  • Stainless steel technology inox line assures longevity
  • Hydraulic system HLS lifts the super sports car by 45 millimetres
  • Co-operation of seven refining companies

Fichtenberg With the Nissan GT-R, the running gear manufacturer KW has found an ideal platform for its products. Together with the Japanese importer Hashimoto, the German company refines the Japanese sports car with Clubsport coilovers even before the car is introduced to the European market. And KW brought another 5 refiners into the boat.
For the Nissan GT-R, this co-operation between KW and Hashimoto offers a package for the race course which is also suitable for normal use on the roads. But, the already legendary sports car is not available in Europe yet. Even before the GT-R is let loose onto European roads, KW has extensively refined the automobile.


This includes the coilovers KW Clubsport and Variant 3. The KW Clubsport running gear is the ideal solution for sportive drivers who wish to optimise their roadworthy Nissan for the race course. The Variant 3 coilover is aimed at performance-oriented drivers who attach great importance to comfort in everyday road traffic. Both products allow an independently adjustable traction- and compression phase for an ideal running gear regulation according to the road conditions and the requirements of the driver. Thereby, the stainless steel technology inox line ensures a constant flexibility of all individual parts even during sportive sprints and winter use and therefore guarantees a long durability of the running gear.
Hydraulic system overcomes obstacles
Furthermore, KW integrates its own Hydraulic Lift System HLS 4 at both axles. This enables the driver to lift the car by button or radio control up to 45 millimetres, so it passes speed bumps and other obstacles such as entrances to underground car parks easily. The system even works while driving up to 80 km/h. Nissan GT-R drivers can upgrade the hydraulic system together with a coilover kit or the Variant 3.


As far as the appearance, grip and seats of the car are concerned, the running gear specialist KW and the importer Hashimoto brought further experts into the team. OZ provides the three-part rims Superleggera with six double spokes measuring 10.5x20 inches at the front- and 11x20 inches at the rear axle. Suitable high-performance tyres SP Sport 600 DSST are delivered by Dunlop. All four wheels use the same size 285/35 ZRF20 100Y. Recaro fits the bucket seats, Schroth the six-point racing belts, and the refinement of another partner only becomes visible when the driver gets out of the car: LSD added gull-wing doors and therefore renders a Lamborghini-look to the Nissan.
Despite of all these modifications, the GT-R remains fully operational even off the race course. The sports car maintains its MOT approval when the components are fitted accordingly. Neither KW nor the importer Hashimoto changed the engine performance. The coupé is powered by the standard 3.8-litre V6-biturbo VR38 DETT rendering 480 hp at 6,400 rpm. 588 Newton metres torque propel the Nissan up to 310km/h.

KW Automotive Nissan GT-R


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