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SRT Viper GTS R 2013 Review

We've previously talked about the SRT Viper 2013 and judging by what we've seen so we think Dodge did a great job at updating their sports car. Nevertheless, that was the road-going version and the story this year is not stopping there because Dodge has also revealed the Viper GTS-R, a track-going Viper with which the company has made its return to the American Le Mans Series after 12 years of absence.

I'm sure you're quite interested in learning how exactly the GTS-R differs from the road-going version so without further ado, here are the major list of changes that enabled this particular sports car to rank in top 10 at Le Mans.

Although the maximum engine size allowed is 5.5 liters the car builder was allowed to fit their Viper with the V10 engine found on the road-going version. Nevertheless the capacity had to be reduced to 8 liters from 8.4 by changing cylinder bore and stroke and a restrictor in the engine's intake had to be fitted, alongside a new intake manifold that would go with the restrictor.

The engine also runs on E-85 (85% ethanol) and the transmission has been replaced by a new one from Xtrac and has been moved to the rear.

Since the maximum weight allowed at the American Le Mans Series is 2740 lbs. (1245 kg) the Viper had to lose some weight, despite the fact that a new roll cage has been incorporated. The bodywork has been redone using carbon fiber composite and some aerodynamic changes have been implemented.

Last but certainly not least the suspension system has been replaced by a new one that was designed to work best with Michelin slicks, and as it is required by the rules of the competition, the track-going GTR-S features climate control for the driver to keep cool while racing.

Performance figures include 455 horsepower (limited by the series) and a top speed of 182 mph. Other notable features include the Brembo 6-piston braking system with 380 mm rotors at the front and Brembo 4-piston brakes with 330 mm rotors at the back. Safety equipment as required by the competition include Sabelt on-board fire suppression system, Sabelt driver restraint system, FIA approved race seat, fuel cell and roll cage.

SRT Viper GTS R 2013


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