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Image Copyright: Mazda

Mazda Koeru Concept 2015 Review

In the recent past Mazda has worked upon its entire range of models. The significant work in these that was noticed is the company’s new KODO design language. The cues of same were noticed as the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 where company unveiled its all new Mazda Koeru Concept 2015. The model features a sporty design and is expected to create a benchmark in the automotive industry. Let us have a look at the review of Mazda Koeru Concept 2015 to know more about it.



  • Length: 181.10 in
  • Width: 74.80 in
  • Height: 59.05 in
  • Wheelbase: 106.30 in


Talking about the interior of Mazda Koeru Concept 2015 we apologize that we have no official verdict from the company’s side. However looking at its exterior and the recent releases we presume that company will primarily concentrate upon bringing the luxury and tech features and seeing its exterior (coming further in review) we also expect touch of sportive inclusions. So rounding up the expectations linked with the interior details of Mazda Koeru Concept 2015 I would say it might bring luxury, technology (infotainment and entertainment) and sporty looks.


Not to be mentioned separately again that the exterior of Mazda Koeru Concept 2015 is based upon company’s recent KODO design language. Starting with the front fascia it has the shield-shape grille amidst the slender headlights while the front fenders get a beefed up appearance. While the front bumper gets an aggressive styling the slim headlamps also give an aggressive appearance when lighted. Moving towards the rear fascia you’ll notice the tail lights that will resemble to those we have seen in recent past while the sloping roof design and the massive exhaust outlets integrated below in bumper gives the model a tremendous appearance. In all the exterior details of Mazda Koeru Concept 2015 are primarily about sportive stance with touch of luxury and lots of aggression.


Just like the interior the performance figures and engine beneath the hood of Mazda Koeru Concept 2015 is not yet shared. We expect that company will be taking curtains off it in coming Motor Shows. Thus since then we cannot give any verdict about the performance figures of Mazda Koeru Concept 2015 and will recommend you to wait till the time we get an official announcement.

Mazda Koeru Concept 2015


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