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Jeep J 12 Concept 2012 Review

The Chrysler Group seems to have pulled its socks up to strongly leave behind its footprints at the Easter Jeep Safari this time. With the event being just a day away, Jeep seems to be in a mood to unveil new concepts one after another so as to induce the ‘heat-on’ factor of the event amongst the participants and fans alike. With this thing in mind Jeep has unveiled six different concepts exclusively for the event. The most appealing and effective concept showcased was undoubtedly the J-12 concept of the company.

The concept is an outcome of heavy modifications on Mopar’s JK-8 conversion kit for the Jeep Wrangler. Jeep didn’t take any chance to lag behind in inducing styling updates in the concept to reflect iconic Kaiser Pickups. Moreover, the automakers extended the rear overhang by a foot so as to allow a sharp 6-feet cargo box and an under-floor stepney tire storage provision.

Now, to defog your doubts on the concept’s features that makes it an effective off-roader, the company clearly has stated J-12’s additional features. It includes supplementary three-inch suspension lift along with Teraflex sway bars to control the ARB air locker attached with Dynatrac D-44 and D-60 axles. What balances the vehicle’s traction off-road is its 36” tires on a 16” steel wheel rims.

Turning your eyeballs to the interiors of the car, the vehicle induces an ordinary truck-like interior and thus hardly leaving behind scope for anything fancy. In spite of ordinary interiors, Jeep still seems to have tried some innovative interior tricks as well. The automakers have replaced truck bed with carpets, along with traditional bucket seats being replaced with trendy bench seats in white fabrics. What finally adds flavor to this safari vehicle are Mopar’s fuel filler doors, Slush mat, Katzkin seat trims and customed drive-shafts by Tom Woods.

Does anyone requires anything more in a Jeep concept. I think the J-12 marks it all.

Jeep J 12 Concept 2012


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