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Audi R8

Audi AG is famous for manufacturing amazing cars that blend power and style in a way that is distinct from all their competitors. The Audi R8 road car was introduced in 2006, carrying on the legacy of the legendary sports car having the same name. The race car version of the R8 designed by Audi is believed to be one of the most successful cars as it won the 24 hour leg of Le Mans race an impressive five times. The car was officially showcased at the Paris Auto Show held on 30 September 2006.

Quattro GmbH, a subsidiary of the Audi, is responsible for the design and development of the revolutionary Audi R8 road car. It is known that the two-seater sports car shares some design elements with the Lamborghini Gallardo and the body framework utilizes light-weight aluminum with space frame principles. It was developed by Audi in order to give a hard time to highly popular Porsche 911. Other notable competitors were the Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes SLK and the Aston Martin DB9.

Under the hood, the R8 was equipped with a reworked 4.2-liter V8 engine which employed technology like Fuel Stratified Injection and double overhead camshafts per cylinder to generate a power output of 420 HP. Audi also incorporated the use of variable valve timing for the inlet and exhaust camshafts in order to increase the fuel efficiency.

The current R8 model is scheduled to be replaced in 2014 and the new 4.0-liter V8 engine coupled with a turbocharger is expected to power the car. The engine will probably generate a massive power output of 600 Horsepower. It might also feature the latest dual clutch automatic transmission to transmit power to the wheels.

Audi revealed that each R8 model was assembled by hand at their Neckarsulm plant which has a daily output of around 8-15 cars. More than 5000 individual parts are assembled together by hand by around 70 skilled workers. It should be noted that the features that made the Audi R8 better than its rivals were the small yet powerful V8 engine, classy exterior design, elegant interior cabin, magnetic dampers and most importantly, the competitive price.

Audi R8


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