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Alfa Mito Jeans

Italian carmaker Alfa Romeo and TV fashion expert Louise Roe have teamed up to challenge two young fashion designers into creating a line of jeans inspired from the Alfa MiTo model. The line of women’s jeans has also a charity purpose, as Jeans for the Genes organisation will profit from the sales.

"The fun and stylish Alfa MiTo features a unique DNS switch (that changes the way the car responds indifferent driving conditions) and that was the starting point for the whole new project. You see, DNA - it’s in your genes," said the campaign’s website.

The one-off series of limited edition Alfa MiTo Jeans have been created by London-based fashion designers Bjork and McElligott and will be sold through the Donna Ida chain.

The price for a pair of Alfa MiTo jeans is £75.



Conceived to celebrate the unique genealogy passed from the breathtaking Alfa 8C Competizione supercar to the head-turning Alfa MiTo, the Italian sporting car manufacturer, Alfa Romeo, paired up with TV's fashion expert, Louise Roe, to challenge two up-and-coming fashion designers to create a line of women's jeans that would be as cool and desirable as the Alfa MiTo and, and at the same time, raise money for charity.

The result is a one-off series of limited edition skinny fit jeans – available via - that echo the genealogy concept by deconstructing first generation jeans to create new, high fashion jeans complete with a high quality leather waistband and Alfa Romeo red stitching. 

London-based fashion designers Bjork and McElligott, who have already created outfits for a number of celebrities, also introduced other distinct and attractive styling touches including embroidered rear pockets – one featuring the serpent from Alfa Romeo's iconic badge on the right plus their own logo on the left pocket – to create recognisable and distinct jeans.

Significantly most Alfa MiTos feature a DNA button that alters the responsiveness of the accelerator, brakes and traction to suit different driving conditions – Dynamic, Normal and All Weather. 

Sophie McElligott said: “The DNA button gave us an extra framework to operate within.  The Alfa MiTo's parentage from the Alfa 8C and the concept that DNA is in your genes made the project's beneficiary an easy choice.”

The designers chose the charity Jeans for Genes to profit from the sale of the high class jeans and found two boutique retail outlets in London through the charity's patron, Donna Ida.

Priced at £75 a pair, the designer jeans are expected to raise vital funds for Jeans for Genes.

For more information on the project along with details of the Donna Ida retail outlets visit


Alfa Mito Jeans


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