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ABT Sportline Volkswagen Tiguan 2011

The 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan is the best in its class seller around Germany and has recently been given a facelift by ABT Sportsline. This sporty fun to drive compact SUV features the dynamic look and reliability that VW is known for. ABT Sportsline has introduced several options for the Volkswagen engine. 2.0 TDI versions have a tuning option to increase output from 140 horses to 170, and the 1.4 liter turbo can produce 210 horsepower from its previous 160. Even though there is a significant horsepower increase fuel economy stays the same for both the turbo and TDI engines. The exterior features a specially created front grill, rear wing spoiler, and rear bumper insert with pronounced 4 tailpipe exhaust. You can find high performance tires mounted on DR alloy wheels, or the popular CR line of rims. Other exterior and options available for the VW Tiguan from ABT Sportsline include side steps, aluminum pedals, shifters, and steering wheel tag.

VW Tiguan is the best selling car in its class in Germany.The brand new version of the versatile compact is a continuation of the impressive history.Also at ABT Sportsline sets the vehicle standards as stressed CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt: ". In our SUV Range marked the Tiguan started, he's a real permanent success," Even at its debut the series in 2007, the ABT Tiguan was sporty, his design was powerfully elegant."In the new Tiguan, we rely on subtle but confident style elements," says Hans-Jürgen Abt particularly great writing at the world's leading tuner of cars by the Volkswagen Group is the "S" in SUV, because everyone ABT Tiguan is a little faster than the production model.

True to "nice to know that you can create more" motto, presenting the Allgäu an engine range that is not stingy with power.The specification is that the characteristics of the Tiguan should be supported.In plain English, this means that the car should distinguish maximum reliability, comfortable ride on almost all routes and agility - and the engineers by ABT have done a great job: The successful 2.0-TDI versions now get 170 hp/125 kW (standard: 140 bhp/103 kW) and 195 PS/143 kW (standard: 170 hp/125 kW) on the road.When economical turbo-petrol engine with 1.4 liters displacement are instead 160 hp (118 kW) dynamic 210 hp (154 kW).That is not the fuel consumption rises, sees itself at ABT Sportsline, the sportiest of itself is the Tiguan with the 2.0 TSI engine.The units are being tested for heart and kidney, but tell the technicians know that - can be achieved either more than 210 hp (154 kW) or 250 hp (184 kW) - depending on the serial performance.The fact that the SUV from the Allgäu something more, we see him on course."We stand for a self-consciously noble appearance," explains Hans-Jürgen Abt The door trim strips, the rear skirt with the distinctive muffler and the rear wing of the vehicle giving visual traction and stress, together with the specially created front grill, its smooth lines.In keeping with the design of the Tiguan ABT recommends the new DR rim, but also other light-alloy wheels as the CR-creations are exceptionally good car.Of course, all the rims in combination with high performance tires are available. The new Tiguan is part of the SUV family from ABT - and like the Touareg, with Q7 and Q5, and the also standing in the wings Q3 is the driver may look forward to his car anything anymore.The new Tiguan ABT - Facts and FiguresABT ENGINE TECHNOLOGYEngine: 2.0 TDI, 1968 ccPower enhancement: ABT PowerOutput: 170 hp/125 kW (standard: 140 bhp/103 kW)ABT ENGINE TECHNOLOGYEngine: 2.0 TDI, 1968 ccPower enhancement: ABT PowerPerformance: 195 PS/143 kW (standard: 170 hp/125 kW)ABT ENGINE TECHNOLOGYEngine: 1.4 TSI, 1390 ccPower enhancement: ABT PowerPerformance: 210 HP/154 kW (standard: 160 hp/118 kW)ABT ENGINE TECHNOLOGYEngine: 2.0 TSI, 1984 ccPower enhancement: ABT PowerPerformance:> 210 HP/154 kW (standard: 180 hp/132 kW)ABT ENGINE TECHNOLOGYEngine: 2.0 TSI, 1984 ccPower enhancement: ABT PowerPerformance: 250 PS/184 kW (standard: 210 HP/154 kW)ABT AERODYNAMICS

ABT Sportline Volkswagen Tiguan 2011


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