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BMW R 1200 GS

The R 1200 GS answers the call of the wild with a 100 blazing horses. The Boxer engine also produces 85 lb/ft of torque, giving it serious grunt as well. The Telelever front suspension keeps road rides smooth and a reliable shaft drive means your odometer will spin around like a slot machine. Whether it's bombing down fire roads or ripping around the twisties and snacking on unsuspecting sport bikes, one thing's for sure: the R 1200 GS devours any road you throw at it.


A summary of the main features of the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure:

Even more dynamic drive and improved traction .

Reworked transmission and short first gear if required.

Even more universal use through optional Enduro ESA.

Reworked design emphasising the offroad and world travel character.

Perfect, tried and tested series equipment for extreme tours.

Color options: Magnesium metallic matt, plain red.

Special equipment and tailor-made accessories in accordance with
the familiar BMW standards.

More powerful, better for offroad use
the world-trip enduro in a new trim.

With the new R 1200 GS Adventure, BMW Motorrad is now presenting
the third version of the ultimate long-distance enduro for globetrotters
and adventurers. The reworked basic model was already characterized
by a unique mixture of sporty handling and suitability for touring and offroad use, but the Adventure also wins hearts and minds with improved perfor-mance and traction, additional offroad qualities and a level of long-distance comfort that has been enhanced even further. These unique qualities combine with the very extensive range of series equipment to make the
new R 1200 GS Adventure suitable for world trips the moment it leaves the factory.

More dynamic drive and improved traction.
The new, even more dynamic drive of the R 1200 GS Adventure even manages to outstrip the 1170 cm 3 engine of its predecessor model, which provided confident propulsion in any conditions. With 105 bhp at
7,000 rpm, a maximum engine speed of 8,000 rpm and an even broader engine speed range, it provides the perfect conditions for confident riding whatever the conditions, in line with the special demands that an adventure-tourer has to meet.

Reworked transmission and short first gear if required.
Like the basic R 1200 GS version, the R 1200 GS Adventure places its trust
in a completely reworked 6-speed transmission which, with its shortened transmission ratios and a shorter secondary ratio, provides clearly improved


traction and acceleration. Combined with the reworked engine, the
R 1200 GS Adventure is much more lively and dynamic in the upper half
of the engine speed range, while still providing more traction in the
lower ranges.

With enlarged bearing diameters and changed shaft distance, the completely revised six-speed transmission takes account of the often extreme demands made of an adventure-tourer. In addition, a shorter first gear is offered for the R 1200 GS Adventure as a special option this gives additional advantages when riding over very confined, difficult terrain.

Even more universal usage through the optional Enduro ESA.
In terms of the frame, the R 1200 GS Adventure, which is fitted ex factory with spring travel that is 20 mm longer, also benefits from the new Enduro ESA, available, as with the R 1200 GS, as a special option; this allows the springing and shock absorption to be modified to all sorts of different operating conditions and load states simply by pressing a button.

With the additional electrohydraulic adjustment of the spring base at the front suspension strut, the Enduro ESA is also taking account, for the first time,
of the specific requirements of a travel enduro, providing greatly improved impact safety during offroad travel without any of the associated disadvan-tages on the road, such as reduced negative spring travel or higher seat height. The Enduro ESA distinguishes between various road and off-road modes, within which the rider can also make further modifications in line
with the particular requirements by selecting particular springing and shock absorption modes.

Revised design emphasizing the offroad and world travel character.
With its sturdy, masculine language and emphaticaly enduro attributes, the new R 1200 GS Adventure continues the successful design concept of
its predecessor model. While the tank section has been taken over without change from its predecessor, the newly designed upper fenders at
the front, the modified fin to the cooling air guide and the white LED rear light and white indicators combine with the new colors and surfaces to make
this bike look even tougher.

Power and sportiness, dynamics and technical elegance in equal measures characterize the R 1200 GS Adventure through a deliberate contrast between black components and two new color variants. Magnesium metallic matt underlines the technical character of the R 1200 GS Adventure, while a strong plain red emphasizes the sporty side. The color-coordinated seat is another clear difference from the standard model.



BMW R 1200 GS


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