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Citroen TUBIK Concept

Citroen's project dubed Multicity aimed at using creative technology to explore mobility and open new avenue of exploration. With the launch of the concept car Tubik, the project Multicity marks a step further in bringing a new meaning to Travel!

Positioned with the ease of travel portal Multicity, Citroën continues to explore mobility and opens a new avenue of exploration.Drawing on its expertise of the best 'Creative Technology', the brand gives birth to Tubik, a shuttle high-end technology in the service of an idea: give taste to travel.A journey shared, intelligent, connected and green!

In an environment where we no longer speak of distance but travel time, where information moves faster now than man, where the same route can be followed using a variety of ways transport, where consumers prefer above all the ease of travel, the challenge for a car manufacturer is to be able to offer today the right answers to the problems of mobility in the future.The project embodies the thinking of Multicity CITROËN on mobility.This approach has already materialized with the launch in France Citroën Multicity, an Internet portal that offers routes taking into account all available modes of transport (cars, trains, planes ...) to facilitate travel.

The project Multicity today marks a further step in bringing a new element of answer: the concept car Tubik whose ambition is to give new meaning to travel.

Citroen TUBIK Concept


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