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Aston Martin DBS 1970 Review

For the year 2014 Bonhams auction once again brought a remarkable beauty from the age of time. Unveiling the Aston Martin DBS 1970 and auctioning this Aston Martin model for whooping $900,000. Believe us, this is just the price this astonishing model from past deserves. Let us have a look at descriptive review of Aston Martin DBS 1970 to know more about it.

  • Engine: 5.4 Liter V8
  • Power: 315 hp
  • Top Speed: 168 mph
  • 0-60 mph: 5.9 seconds


The interior of Aston Martin DBS 1970 ‘Persuaders’ (as named when auctioned) carries the same untouched and unhampered design. Grasping your attention in same comes the leather covered seats and massive steering wheel covering the unique dials making the instrument cluster. Company didn’t put much emphasis on making it ‘car of today’, and we believe this is that one positive aspect which makes it worth its price. Reason being, the person who’d go for it, is surely inclined towards its legendary design. However fancy stitching has been amalgamated to give it more royal and luxurious look and we don’t consider this as something which can take or damage its ancestor credentials.


The exterior of Aston Martin DBS 1970 is still as classic as it was then. There’s nothing, glimpse of which will make you feel anywhere behind the most loved TV superstars car. Entire exterior of Aston Martin DBS 1970 is drenched in Bahama Yellow color with its sporty hood and the V8 badging adding to this unspoiled glory. Around the front end you can notice the square grille sitting amidst the quad round shaped headlights. Also eye-capturing are the bonnet scoop, side air vents and massive air dams. The features not just add to looks but also works thoroughly to provide unmatched performance figures and thus making the exterior of Aston Martin DBS 1970 top-in-class.


This is where you’ll find the change and the one taking you ahead indeed. At the time of shooting the V8 engine model was in production but company took utmost care of this while presenting the Aston Martin DBS 1970 at auction. Instead of its 4.0 Liter six cylinder engine which used to generate the total output of 283 hp and peak torque of 390 nm, company kept beneath its hood the powerful 5.4 liter V8 engine producing total output of 315 hp. The Aston Martin DBS 1970 reaches top speed of 168 mph while the 0-60 mph sprint gets knocked in just 5.9 seconds.

Aston Martin DBS 1970


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