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Jeep JT Concept

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What you see here is the Jeep JT Concept that will be shown later this year at SEMA. Jeep rolled out this vehicle along with some other concepts for a drive session with some journalist folks on tuesday.

This is a one off vehicle built by Jeep's Skunkworks team and it includes a 5 foot bed, removable hard top, with the same wheelbase as the Wrangler Unlimited as well as the engine. It kinda goes along with one commenter on AutoBlog who said:

"Just a quick FYI on the Jeep JT... the body is the same one DCX developed for military use for Egypt (and Columbia too from what I've been told). They basically took the 2-dr LWB military body and put it on an US-spec Unlimited chassis (the mil-spec export chassis is longer, has leaf springs, and uses a 1-ton Dana 60 rear axle) and added a half-cab top (which had probably already been developed for the military version anyway)."

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Jeep JT Concept


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