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Dodge Challenger Super Street

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The boys over at Edmund's Inside Line had the opportunity to take Dodge's new Challenger Super Street out for a bit of a drag. The Super Street was built alongside it's orange sister show car to demonstrate what could be done with the new car. Powered by a crate engine that's available to the public through the Mopar catalog, the car produces 525hp and 510 lb/ft of torque and has been massaged and dyno tuned to produce optimum performance at Wide Open Throttle. A 3speed transmission, Dana 60 rear, and 29x10 sized tires help motivate this car to an 11.53 seconds 1/4 mile @ 114mph. Click through for more pictures..

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See the rest of the picturers and read the article over at Edmund's Inside Line .

Dodge Challenger Wallpapers .

Dodge Challenger Super Street


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