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The JE DESIGN Seat Exeo package is one of the first available for the new Spanish model. The JE DESIGN Seat Exeo upgrade kit is just cosmetic and includes a new body kit and a new suspension system. The JE DESIGN Seat Exeo body kit includes a new radiator grill, front spoiler, side skirts and a diffuser panel in carbon look. The JE DESIGN Seat Exeo also comes with a new sport end muffler with four stainless steel pipes.

The car's looks are rounded off with a set of quad tailpipes and JE-Design's own mutlispoke light alloy wheels that are available in two dimensions, 7.518'' with 225/40 R18 tires or 819'' with 235/35 R19 tires. Buyers can also opt for a lowering kit that brings the Exeo 35mm closer to the ground.

JE DESIGN gives the Seat Exeo a jump-start: New limousine turns into a four-door sports car

  • Entire body kit gives the Exeo a dynamic appearance
  • End muffler with four stainless steel pipes renders the right sound
  • Sport spring set lowers the Seat by 35 millimetres
  • Light alloy wheels Multispoke in 7.5x18 and 8x19 inches

As soon as it came on the market, the car has already been refined. For the first time, the Spanish VW subsidiary Seat presents a limousine for which JE DESIGN immediately offers a sport suit.


With the entire body kit the middle class limousine turns into a sports car with four doors. The new sport radiator grill without the SEAT logo (199 euros including VAT) and the front spoiler (379 euros) give the Exeo a significantly grimmer face. The side skirts (399 euros) emphasise the dynamic wedge shape. The diffuser panel in carbon look (299 euros) gives the car a sporty rear section.

This appearance is perfected with the sport end muffler and its four stainless steel pipes (899 euros) which also deliver the matching sound for this look. JE DESIGN offers the exhaust system for all Exeo engine types.


The sporty metamorphosis would not be complete without lowering the Exeo. With an own developed sport spring set (219 euros), JE DESIGN pushes the Seat 35 millimetres closer to the tarmac and does not only optimise the appearance, but also the driving dynamics. JE DESIGN's own light alloy wheels Multispoke (from 269 euro) in the dimensions 7.5x18 (tyres: 225/40 R 18) or 8x19 inches (tyres 235/35 R 19) are delivered in either shadow-silver or graphite silver matt finish.

With the Exeo programme, JE DESIGN once again confirms its competence as an internationally successful Seat refiner, even immediately after the new model has entered the market.



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