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McLaren F1 GTR review video

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Mclaren F1 GTR Review Video Car Walls

Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason is a lucky owner of a very rare McLaren F1 GTR. Only 28 were built and Nick owns chassis number 10 and is ensured for a breath taking £2.5 million. The journalists from Autocar managed to shoot a McLaren F1 GTR review video courtesy of Nick Mason.

The car made a debut as a Le Mans racer, but was later converted back to a street legal supercar. The F1 GTR uses the same mid-mounted 627 horsepower V12 by BMW M division as the regular McLaren F1. McLaren F1 GTR weighs only 940 kg and comes with short gear ratios.

Watch the McLaren F1 GTR review video after the jump.


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McLaren F1 GTR review video


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