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Ridiculous Infiniti FX

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Well.. this thing is just ridiculously over the top, and I love it! Administrator "Rookie" over at InfinitiScene forums is the culprit behind this wild and crazy Infiniti FX. With a twin turbo setup, custom widebody aerodynamics, and some crazy 22" HRE forged wheels, this has got to be the wildest Infiniti FX ever. Personally, it's a bit too low and the wheels are a couple of inches too big for my taste, but still one damn fine ride. More pictures after the jump.


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Rediculous-FX-002.jpg Rediculous-FX-003.jpg Rediculous-FX-004.jpg Rediculous-FX-005.jpg Rediculous-FX-006.jpg Rediculous-FX-007.jpg Rediculous-FX-009.jpg Rediculous-FX-010.jpg Rediculous-FX-012.jpg Rediculous-FX-013.jpg Rediculous-FX-014.jpg Rediculous-FX-015.jpg Rediculous-FX-016.jpg Rediculous-FX-017.jpg Rediculous-FX-018.jpg Rediculous-FX-019.jpg Rediculous-FX-020.jpg

Read more over at InfinitiScene forums Here and Here .

Ridiculous Infiniti FX


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