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This is not a photoshop. This is a custom 6 door 10 seater Toyota Prius done by a Canadian with way more smarts then most of us. He hacked up a Prius, added a middle section, and put it all back together. And the work is spectacular! Everything looks OEM, and the car still gets 50mpg. Continue reading for more pictures.


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6-Door-Prius-011.jpg 6-Door-Prius-002.jpg 6-Door-Prius-003.jpg 6-Door-Prius-004.jpg 6-Door-Prius-005.jpg 6-Door-Prius-006.jpg 6-Door-Prius-007.jpg 6-Door-Prius-008.jpg 6-Door-Prius-009.jpg 6-Door-Prius-010.jpg



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