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2009 Citroen C4

On the outside the C4 features a restyled front end, that shares plenty in common with the C5. Added chrome touches, a new more curvaceous bonnet, restyled grille, new alloy wheels and four new body colours all help to separate the new C4 from the outgoing model.

Boosting the feeling of quality inside the cabin, the restyled C4 also benefits from an enhanced interior with new velour or leather upholstery together with special paint finishes and new premium grained trim on the dashboard and door panels. The rev-counter has been repositioned to the central translucent dashboard display so that all driving information is in one place.

The original C4 was one of the most environmentally friendly cars in the small family segment with two models returning emissions of 120g/km. Now, with its reduced emissions, the C4 is even cleaner and even greener.

Citroën's dynamic C4 range is now more alive with technology than ever before. An exciting new look gives the popular model even more appeal with new exterior and interior styling, updated equipment, body colours and wheel designs, as well as the introduction of two new low CO 2 , fuel efficient, petrol engines co-developed with BMW. HDi models will also be available with new low-rolling resistance Michelin tyres for improved fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions.

Changes to the exterior focus on restyling the vehicle's front end, bringing the C4 in line with the prestigious looks of the recently launched C5. Its new bonnet features a more rounded, curvier design, whilst the grille benefits from restyled integrated chevrons. The front bumper has also been revamped and the number plate repositioned for a stronger, sportier, more dynamic look.

The rear lights of the C4 Coupe are now finished in transparent crystal and a choice of three new alloy wheel styles either 16-inch or 17-inch as well as two new body colours Bourrasque and Recif blue are now available. For added elegance, chrome inserts are featured on some models.

In the cabin, the C4 has been improved for enhanced comfort whilst, for greater clarity, the rev counter has been relocated to the innovative translucent central display unit. As with the award-winning C4 Picasso, a plush grain is now featured on the dashboard and doors for a more upmarket feel. New decors have been designed with an improved quality finish whilst the integrated scented air freshener makes the interior smell as good as it looks.

The C4 also retains much of the innovative equipment that made it a standard-setter when it was launched. Drivers can benefit from convenient and reassuring technology such as directional headlamps, front and rear parking assist, lane departure warning system, hill start assist, laminated side windows, speed limiter and cruise control.

The new C4 arrives with all of the safety equipment that made the original C4 such a reassuring car to drive, including the unique to Citroën torso shaped driver's airbag that can be incorporated because of the fixed-centre steering wheel. The original C4 achieved some of the highest EuroNCAP ratings in the segment for frontal impact, child protection as well as a 3-star pedestrian safety rating.

Citroën's latest generation navigation system, NaviDrive, has also been introduced, which features a hi-resolution 7-inch colour screen with Europe-wide satellite navigation, real time traffic reports as well as an audio system with built-in 30GB hard drive. The system also offers a video auxiliary socket and a USB connection.

The C4 is now available with two new petrol engines which have been co-developed with the BMW group the 1.6 16v VTi 120hp and the 1.6 16v THP 150hp. Both units offer the optimum blend of performance, driving pleasure and fuel economy, with significantly lower consumption and CO 2 emissions.

C4 1.6 16V VTi 120hp  (V ariable valve lift and T iming I njection )

The VTi 120hp petrol engine, with a manual or automatic gearbox, replaces the 1.6i 16V 110hp unit, offering an economical and responsive driving experience, with fuel efficiency of 42.2mpg and CO 2 emissions of 159g/km on the combined cycle (down 6% on the former unit).

The VTi unit is fitted with an aluminium block and cylinder head and features continuously variable valve timing. The intake valves also benefit from a system that allows their maximum travel to be adjusted gradually depending on the force applied to the accelerator pedal. These two features boost engine efficiency and increase responsiveness with some 90% of maximum torque available all the way through the rev range from under 2,000 through to 6,000rpm.

C4 1.6i 16V THP 150hp (T urbo H igh P ressure )

The new THP 150hp (Turbo High Pressure) engine provides the perfect blend of higher performance, driving pleasure and economy with significantly lower fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions. With its six-speed manual gearbox, the THP 150hp's fuel consumption is 40.9mpg on the combined cycle with CO 2 emissions of 164g/km.

The THP 150hp features engine technology that is new to the C4 range with the introduction of direct sequential injection and a twin-scroll turbocharger as well as continuously variable inlet valve timing. This gives the engine excellent low-down pulling power with maximum torque of 177lb.ft almost all the way from just 1,400 through to 3,500rpm and continues strongly through the rev range.

Citroën's HDi diesel engine line-up is widely recognised for its frugal, clean and dynamic qualities, and in keeping with the model's upgrade, the C4's diesel engine range has also been improved.

The 2.0HDi unit with six-speed manual gearbox and particulate filter fitted as standard, boasts fuel efficiency of 53.3mpg on the combined cycle and CO 2 emissions of just 140g/km. The other diesel powered models the 1.6HDi 92hp and 1.6HDi 16V 110hp DPFS EGS are just as dynamic as before and now even greener thanks to a switch to low rolling resistance Michelin Energy Saver® tyres, available on 16-inch wheels, which reduce the fuel consumption and lower the  CO 2 emissions.

The original C4 was one of the most environmentally friendly cars in the small family segment with two models returning emissions of 120g/km. Now, with its reduced emissions, the C4 is even cleaner and even greener.


2009 Citroen C4


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