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2009 Chevrolet Camaro

While the new 2009 Chevrolet Camaro is still being referred to as a concept vehicle, it will actually make it off the showroom floor and onto the streets unlike so many other manufacturers’ concept prototypes. Chevrolet plans to begin selling the revamped classic coupe in the first quarter of 2009. Fans of the original body style from the 1960s will be happy to know that the 2009 translation harkens back to the earliest version of one of the most popular muscle cars of all time. In addition, within a year of the initial release Chevrolet will make available a Camaro Convertible.

The makers are also bringing back new adaptations of the earliest interior stylings. Four auxiliary gauges are positioned in the center console displaying fuel, temperature, battery, and oil readings. The contemporary design is apparent in the faint orange glow that illuminates the console gauges, as well as the dash-mounted speedometer and tachometer. The tachometer also gets an update with an additional digital readout showing which gear the vehicle is in. The coupe seats four in racing-style silver and black seats that are flanked by unyielding side bolsters, keeping the driver and passengers firmly in place while taking those tight turns at high speeds.

The exterior got a makeover as well. While the muscular shape of the 1960s model is still intact, sharp lines have been traded for a smooth, luxury vehicle appearance. In keeping with the muscle car boldness, Chevrolet has given the 2009 Camaro giant 21-inch aluminum wheels in the front, while the rear gets even bigger 22-inch wheels. Even the hood scoop has gotten a sleeker look and is almost flush with the rest of the hood.

Buyers get a choice of manual or automatic transmission. The engine generates 400 horsepower in a 6.0 liter LS2 V8. It is also rumored that GM plans to develop a V6 and possibly a turbocharged 4-cylinder Camaro to compete with the Ford Mustang. The 2009 Camaro also features Active Fuel Management for those bogged down by rising fuel costs. Active Fuel Management disengages cylinders that simply are not used during average highway driving, thus allowing the coupe to reach up to 30 highway MPG. Rear-wheel drive, lightweight aluminum wheels, and an independent suspension are just a few of the other standard features of the Camaro.

While the new version is certainly paying homage to the classic, the 2009 Chevrolet Camaro is anything but a bland rehash of the past. Both the interior and exterior share an almost futuristic design with a streamlined body and enough chrome inside to cause blindness in direct sunlight. The MSRP is yet to be listed, but is expected to be comparable to that of the Ford Mustang. When time comes to place order, don’t forget to shop for the cheap insurance as this vehicle will be in great demand. Even though the car features Active Fuel Management, 30 highway MPG simply can’t compete with the influx of hybrids and fuel-friendly compact vehicles. Nevertheless, for those still looking for a modern vehicle that stays true to the muscle car genre, they need not look further than Chevrolet’s latest model.

2009 Chevrolet Camaro


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