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2008 BMW 6 Series Coupe and Convertible Wallpapers

With a profile defined by voluptuous curves, few cars can provide the kind of instant recognition like the BMW 6 Series Coupe and Convertible. In addition to their provocative silhouettes, the 650i Coupe and Convertible set the benchmark as exemplary driver’s cars combining performance, luxury and exclusivity in equal measure. With 360 horsepower routed through either a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission, the 650i Coupe and Convertible have always offered cutting-edge performance to complement their undiluted luxury. Even now, four years after their introduction, the Coupe and Convertible remain two of the best-selling members of their class.

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For 2008, a host of refinements enable these new models to maintain their class-leading positions. Subtle exterior changes enhance the look of both the Coupe and Convertible, setting them apart from previous models while still maintaining the 6 Series’ distinctive profile. Revised lighting increases the cars’ visibility front and rear, making it easier for the driver to see and be seen. Interior changes make the 6 Series Coupe and Convertible even more luxurious than before, with upgrades to the standard and optional leather. The Convertible’s interior also adds leather with BMW’s new Sun Reflective Technology, which significantly reduces heat gain from sunlight. New wheels give the cars a sportier look, and a new Sport Automatic transmission backs up that look with quicker, more responsive shifting and even more driver control.

New technological features also make their appearance for ’08, including BMW’s Lane Departure Warning system, a camera-based system that monitors lane placement and discreetly notifies the driver of any inadvertent lane change. Active Cruise Control becomes even more convenient via a new Stop and Go feature, which enables the system to function even in heavy traffic. Active Cruise allows the vehicle to come to a complete stop without losing its setting, then accelerate back up to set speed with only a touch of the accelerator pedal from the driver. A new Premium Sound Package adds a USB Adapter for an iPod or MP3 player. And BMW’s leading-edge iDrive system adds a row of “favorites” buttons, known as Programmable Memory Keys, which can be used for anything from radio-station presets to pre-programmed destinations with the 6 Series standard navigation system.

Inside or out, the 6 Series represents BMW’s vision of a luxury-performance coupe and convertible. For 2008, that vision takes on a slightly sharper focus.

BMW 650i General Highlights

  • 2008 Model facelift provides new exterior look and extensively revised interior, with new standard and optional features
  • Series of performance-luxury models with 2+2 seating, Coupe and Convertible
  • Both models powered by BMW’s unique Valvetronic V-8 engine:
    • 650i Coupe – $76,375 including destination charge
    • 650i Convertible – $83,475 including destination charge (with manual transmission, add $1100 Gas Guzzler tax)
  • Both rated at 360 horsepower with 360 lb-ft. of torque; standard equipment includes 6-speed manual transmission, with 6-speed Sport Automatic available at no extra cost
  • Base prices include 6 Series Experience at BMW Performance Center
  • Wheelbase 4.3 in. shorter than 5 Series, 8.3 in. shorter than 750i luxury sedan; length 0.4 in. longer than 5 Series, 7.4 in. shorter than 750i
  • Concept, design and engineering combine sporty esthetics and driving attributes with a high level of luxury, comfort and standard features
  • Production began September 2007; produced at Dingolfing, Germany
  • U.S. sales January-August ‘07: 5951 units (same period ‘06: 6306)

Bold within listing indicates new feature for 2008.

Performance & efficiency

  • Both models powered by 4.8-liter V-8 engine with –
  • BMW’s patented Valvetronic system of variable intake-valve lift
  • Double VANOS variable intake- and exhaust-valve timing
  • Dual exhaust system with sporty sound characteristics
  • Aluminum block and cylinder heads
  • 360 hp/360 lb-ft. torque
  • Liquid-cooled alternator, fully encapsulated for quietness
  • EPA estimated MPG, city/highway:
    • 650i Coupe: 15/22 (manual transmission), 15/23 (automatic)
    • 650i Convertible: 14/21 (manual transmission), 15/23
  • No-cost 6-speed Sport Automatic Transmission supersedes Sequential Manual Gearbox and STEPTRONIC automatic, and offers quicker shifting, with rpm-matching “throttle-blipping” on manual downshifts
  • Sport Automatic also includes standard steering-wheel paddle shifters as well as electronic shifter with manual shifting
  • Standard Dynamic Driving Control offers Normal and Sport settings for –
  • Engine response to accelerator
  • Shift characteristics of Sport Automatic Transmission

Handling, ride & braking

  • Aluminum suspension system, basic technology shared with 5 and 7 Series but specific dimensions, kinematics and calibration:
  • Front – double-pivot strut-type
  • Rear – Integral Link (multi-link system with 4 links per side)
  • Active Roll Stabilization is standard; results in amazingly flat cornering
  • Servotronic vehicle-speed-sensitive variable power-assisted steering, standard
  • Active Steering is optional; varies steering ratio according to speed and other driving conditions
  • Optimum front/rear weight distribution (no more than 2.6% variation from 50% front / 50% rear for both models and all variations)
  • Generously dimensioned 4-wheel disc brakes with innovative, weight-saving aluminum/cast-iron discs
  • New optional wheels. Restyled 18-inch wheels standard; Sport Package includes new 19-inch forged-alloy wheels; cast-alloy 19-inch wheels also available as a stand-alone option
  • Run-flat tires standard on all versions:
  • Standard – 18-in. wheels with W-rated performance tires, differentiated front/rear wheel and tire sizes
  • Sport Package – 19-in. wheels with W-rated performance tires, differentiated front/rear wheel and tire sizes
  • Dynamic Driving Control offers Normal and Sport settings for standard steering system
  • State-of-the-art Dynamic Stability Control system for traction control and stability enhancement

Exterior design & function

  • Revised exterior provides both the Coupe and Convertible with a subtly updated look, with new front and rear views and reshaped side sills
  • Low, sleek and unique; no exterior panels shared with any other BMW Series
  • Long-hood/short-deck proportions with 2+2 cabin
  • High trunklid for aerodynamics and trunk space
  • Extensive underbody fairing also promotes efficient aerodynamics
  • Excellent aerodynamics: coefficient of aerodynamic drag (CD) 0.30 for Coupe, 0.32 for Convertible
  • Convertible softtop is unusually sleek and elegant; includes “fins” that project rearward of vertical, electrically retractable rear window
  • Reconfigured optical headlight lenses with LED turn signals
  • New front airdam has larger opening with wider uprights and revised lower edge
  • Relocated amber DOT lenses; headlight area is completely white
  • Taillights include new white design with fewer reflectors, plus red lines in the optical lenses
  • Active Brake Lights now include LED tail lamps and spoiler-mounted brake light strip (new for 650i Coupe)
  • Exterior mirrors now include power-fold feature

Structural & exterior technology

Both models:

  • Aluminum front-end structure; main structure aft of windshield is steel
  • Aluminum hood and doors
  • Thermoplastic front side panels (fenders)
  • Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) trunklid
  • Xenon Adaptive headlights “steer” around curves and corners to enhance driver’s night vision
  • Adaptive Brake Lights emit more illumination under hard braking


  • Extensive lower-body structural reinforcements
  • Ultra-strong windshield frame
  • Automatic Rollover Protection System

Ergonomics, luxury & convenience

  • BMW’s advanced Control Center concept combines traditional, sporty analog main instrumentation with iDrive monitor and controller for extensive displays and functions
  • iDrive system includes Communication, Entertainment, Climate, Navigation and i-menu sections; incorporates latest enhancements to user-friendliness, graphic design of menus and displays, and GPS Navigation functions; includes TeleService functions for communicating vehicle service needs to BMW center and establishing communication between vehicle user and BMW center
  • Revised iDrive adds six programmable memory buttons, which can be used for anything from radio station presets to navigation destinations or auto-dial telephone numbers
  • Voice Command system provides voice control of phone, audio and climate functions (Bluetooth cellphone interface is standard)
  • Comprehensive, effective automatic climate control with left/right temperature control, humidity control, bi-directional solar sensor, automatic recirculation, Heat at Rest, active-charcoal microfilter ventilation and many other features
  • Additional new “hard keys” provide fingertip control for air distribution and stereo mode selection
  • Standard 8-speaker audio system includes 2 subwoofers, positioned for optimum effect in cavities at bases of B-pillars (Coupe) or rear side panels (Convertible)
  • Optional Logic7 audio system (Premium Sound Package) includes upgraded componentry and audio power, 13 speakers (Coupe) or 11 speakers (Convertible), Digital Sound Processing, Surround Sound simulation and other features
  • Revised Premium Sound Package includes Logic7 stereo, integrated USB port for iPod/MP3 Player and 6-disc CD-changer
  • The standard Real Time Traffic Information can now be combined with HD radio
  • HD radio now includes multicasting feature
  • Standard leather upholstery and brushed aluminum interior trim
  • New Nappa leather-wrapped center console
  • Optional Pearl leather now adds Nasca leather-covered dashboard
  • 650i Convertible includes leather seats, armrests, head restraints and gearshift lever with Sun Reflective Technology to minimize heat gain from direct sunlight
  • Brushed aluminum trim replaces Ruthenium
  • Options include Dark Birch wood and new Light Maple wood
  • Standard power front seats have 12-way (Coupe) or 14-way (Convertible) power adjustment, including 4-way lumbar support
  • Lane Departure Warning system boosts driver awareness by providing an immediate warning about lane placement
  • Dynamic Cruise Control now standard; uses light brake application to control downhill speed
  • Optional Active Cruise Control adds “Stop & Go” feature, which permits cruise-control operation even in heavy traffic
  • Convertible front seats have seat-integrated safety belts for optimum belt fit without upper B-pillar, ease of rear-seat entry/exit
  • Unique moonroof design: power-tilting Panorama Moonroof, standard on Coupe
  • Convertible softtop has extensive esthetic and functional features:
  • Fully automatic operation, quiet and fast
  • Full interior lining conceals mechanism, enhances quietness and weather protection
  • Polyurethane inner surface of outer material further enhances quietness, reduces vibration of softtop from wind and high speeds
  • Unusually large trunk: EPA cargo capacity 13.0 cu ft. (Coupe), 12.4 cu ft. (Convertible with adjustable softtop storage compartment in “up” position, 10.6 cu ft. (Convertible with storage compartment in “down” position)

Safety & security

  • Unique version of BMW’s pioneering front Head Protection System, combining inflatable tubular element with stabilizing “sail” spanning between it and roof (Coupe)
  • Front safety belts include automatic tensioners and force limiters; belts of Convertible fully integrated with seats
  • Dual-threshold deployment of belt tensioners and front-impact airbags
  • 2-stage front-impact Smart Airbags
  • Front-seat side-impact airbags
  • Active Head Restraints included with both standard and optional seats
  • Automatic Rollover Protection System; deploys two rollbars behind rear seats when possibility of a rollover is detected (650i Convertible)
  • Battery Safety Terminal
  • BMW Ultimate Service, which includes 4 year, unlimited mileage Roadside Assistance, 4 year / 50,000 mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty and BMW Maintenance Program at no extra cost. In addition, all 6 Series BMWs also include a 4 year membership in BMW Assist Safety Services as standard equipment.

Factory options

Available option Packages for both models:

  • Sport Package
  • Cold Weather Package
  • Premium Sound Package Available stand-alone options:
  • 6-speed Sport Automatic Transmission at no extra cost
  • Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go feature
  • Active Steering
  • Comfort Access
  • Head-up Display
  • Night Vision
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • High Definition Radio
  • Sirius Satellite Radio
  • Heated front seats
  • Dark Birch wood or Light Maple wood interior trim(no extra cost) BMW Center-installed accessories (partial listing)
  • Wind deflector (Convertible)
  • Aluminum pedals and footrest

2008 BMW 6 Series Coupe and Convertible Wallpapers


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