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BMW S 1000 RR 2012

Barely two years after its launch in 2009, BMW Motorrad, the optimized model revision in many details of the successful super-sports car.Even greater riding precision and agility, with more powerful power delivery and a more sensitive response were primary objectives.Several feedback from the use in national Superstock race series have been incorporated into the model revision of the S 1000 RR.

The new edition of the RR is one of its predecessor, no compromises, but offers sporty driving dynamics and at the highest level.The new S 1000 RR, which offers improved handling with absolute riding stability, superior engine performance with perfect suitability for daily use and a consistently dynamic.For maximum active safety when braking is currently the most advanced braking system provides to the market, the BMW Motorrad Race ABS.When accelerating, the driver is supported by the traction control DTC Dynamic Traction Control.Both systems were optimized with regard to their vote.

The superior engine output of 142 kW (193 hp) and weighs only 204 kilograms, including the 90 percent fuel (206.5 kg with Race ABS) was unchanged.

Optimized driving dynamics concept.

One of the main goals for the facelift of the S 1000 RR was to improve the drivability of a linear harmonic power and torque and increased pulling power.The newly defined throttle provides improved throttle response.

The throttle control has been optimized with regard to a more sensitive response, a lower angle of the throttle and reduced hand strength.

Chassis with improved handling and feedback.

To improve the driving dynamics significantly contribute to the new RR in the modifications to the suspension.Shall each have the upside-down fork and the shock of a new internal structure that allows for further spread of the damping forces of comfort and performance.

The adjustments to the driving position and suspension geometry defined by new values ​​for the steering head angle, offset, position of the pivot point for the fork and the supernatant and the strut length increase beyond handling, accuracy and feedback of the new S 1000 RR.As part of the necessary changes to the main frame and the cross-sectional area of ​​the intake air through the head tube for more effective air flow rate was increased.An adjustable mechanical steering damper completes the package of suspension optimization.

Instrument cluster with new features.

The graphic design of the tachometer has been revised in line with better readability.In addition, the display is now dimmable and adds in functionality.Thus, the lap timer now allows the display of the "best lap in progress" and using "Speed ​​Warning" is the driver signals the desire to exceed a certain speed.

Refined design and new color schemes.

The new S 1000 RR will benefit not only of technical advancements in the areas of engine, chassis and cockpit.Also in terms of design makes it one step further forward.The rear end has been made much slimmer.The asymmetrical side panels were subtly revised to provide the Airboxmittelcover with side opening bars.A new, striking identifying feature, the two "winglets" on the fairing is to increase the aerodynamic qualities.

Racing in the color combination of sporty red uni / Alpine White, the RR has been in the state of power and speed, while Bluefire uni gives it a decidedly extravagant look.

A sporty, dynamic appearance, sapphire black metallic and in the colors of BMW Motorsport Motorcycle manufactures the new S 1000 RR directly related to the BMW Motorrad Motorsport.The striking RR logo was slightly revised.

Additional visual accents in black, shiny, red-painted wheels and the rear shock absorber spring.Each to fit the swing arm is provided with either a coating or anodized in black.

With the aim of improving the ergonomics for the rider heel plates have been redesigned.The boom of the passenger footpegs are designed leaner.

Expanded coverage of special equipment and special accessories.

To individualize the new S 1000 RR BMW expands the scope of optional extras and special equipment from the factory to some attractive features.Especially sporty drivers can now equip the RR with an HP-titanium exhaust system (with or without ABE) or the HP Race data logger.The early morning racing use, or longer trips easier in cold weather on demand now available as an optional extra, heated grips adjustable in two steps.

The new features include:

  • Improved drivability through optimized torque curve.
  • Expansion from two to three power curves (one for Rain and sport mode and another for the modes Race and Slick), Rain mode now 120 kW (163 hp).
  • Redefined for improved throttle response (especially soft and sensitive throttle response in the Rain mode, the same direct and spontaneous response in the sport driving modes, Race and Slick).
  • Decreased hand strength and Kurzhubgasdrehgriff.
  • Shorter secondary ratio for increased pulling power.
  • Refined tuning of Race ABS and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC).
  • Enlarged cross-sectional area of ​​the intake air through the head tube for more efficient air flow.
  • Improvement of handling, accuracy, and feedback.
  • Revised spring elements for further spread of the damping forces.
  • Inappropriate riding position and suspension geometry defined by new values ​​for the steering head angle, offset, position of the pivot point, the supernatant and fork strut length.
  • New mechanical steering damper adjustable in ten stages.
  • Forged and milled fork bridge with a new design and with reduced offset.
  • Revised design with streamlined rear end, redesigned side panels, grilles and side opening Airboxmittelcover with "winglets".
  • Four new colors: red uni with Racing Alpine White, Blue Fire metallic, Sapphire Black metallic, motor sports.
  • Revised RR logo.
  • New heel plates and slender arm for separate purchase.
  • New graphic design of the tachometer for improved readability and in five stages dimmable LCD display.
  • Instrument cluster with the new features "best lap in progress" and "Speed ​​Warning", disabling the error message "Lamp" in degraded headlight / number plate carrier.
  • new positioning of the catalysts, eliminating the heat shield plate.
  • Extension of special accessories and optional equipment from the factory.

BMW S 1000 RR 2012


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