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Image Copyright: Wheelsandmore

Wheelsandmore Ferrari 458 Italia 2011

Wheelsandmore released a performance package for the Ferrari 458 Italia, which boosts the power from 570 hp to 620 hp and raised the max torque output by 100 lb-ft. This increase comes mainly from weight optimization and use of improvised high-end exhaust system with valve flaps and manifolds. The increased power/torque enables this 458 Italia to sprint from 0 to 100 kmph in just 3.32 seconds.

German luxury car refining company wheelsandmore released their performance package for the actual Ferrari 458 Italia coupe.

Developed on latest dyno the tuner raised the serial V8 power from 570 hp up to 620 hp and boosts around 100 lb of torque extra as well. Responsible for this increasement is a weight optimized, handcrafted high-end exhaust system with valve flaps and manifolds. The full system got thermic optimizing heat protection covers. The systems optimized flow is adapted to an ecu upgrade resulting in that enormous 620 hp. Afterwards the performance package is installed the sprint from 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) is done within 3,32 sec.

An also important component of this upgrade is represented due to the upgraded forged multipiece wheels 6Sporz². The 21 inch sizing weight optimized wheels are coming 9,0x21 at the front and 12,5x21 inch at the rear wearing 245/30/21 and 345/25/21 Hankook high performance rubbers. Personal individualization got nearly unlimited opportunities due to colour and surface combinations and is additionally multiplied by offering also individualized design-apps, to be mounted at the spoke openings. All high quality wheels are handcrafted exclusively with components Made in Germany.

Wheelsandmore Ferrari 458 Italia 2011


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