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JE DESIGN Seat Exeo ST custom package has been launched adding new looks and performance to the Seat Estate. For the 2.0 TDI version of the JE DESIGN Seat Exeo ST, the power has been increased from 170 hp (125 kW) to 215 hp (158 kW) while the torque went up from 350 to 410 Nm. The JE DESIGN Seat Exeo ST powered by the TSFI engine develops 245 hp (180 kW) and 355 Nm of torque.

The JE DESIGN Seat Exeo ST body kit includes a new front spoiler, a sport radiator grill, new side skirts and a rear diffuser. JE DESIGN Seat Exeo ST sits on 19 inch rims and comes with a new suspension system that lowers the ride height by 35 mm. The exhaust system has also been upgraded with a two individual stainless steel pipes.

Outside sports car - inside luxury liner: JE DESIGN refines the new estate Seat Exeo ST

  • JE DESIGN unites agility and comfort
  • Performance of Diesel- and petrol engine rises to 215 and 245 hp
  • Comfort kit Elegance with leather and massage system
  • Wheel design Multispoke graphite matt in 19 inches

Only that Seat introduced its first limousine, it already presents the estate version. JE DESIGN immediately again accompanies the market introduction with an extensive refining programme. JE DESIGN follows right two strategies with the new Seat Exeo ST. Outside the engineers turn the estate car into a sports car while the interior is designed in extraordinary luxury.


The sporty metamorphosis of the Exeo ST immediately shows with the entire aerodynamics kit by JE DESIGN. The Seat specialist, located in Leingarten in Baden-Württemberg, leaves an agile mark at the vehicle front with a front spoiler (379 Euro including VAT) and a sport radiator grill which comes without the manufacturer's logo (199 Euro). The side skirts (two-part set for 399 Euro) render a dynamic appearance alongside the car. At the rear, the diffuser blind in carbon look (299 Euro) and the rear top spoiler (199 Euro) perfect the transformation. As a special extra, JE DESIGN offers the LED door sill lamp which is pre-assembled at the bottom side of the side skirt and sets a proverbial high-light (799 Euro).

Under the new body shell of the Seat Exeo ST, JE DESIGN works on the two top motorisations. With an optimised engine management, the 2-litre TDI now renders 215 hp (158 kW) instead of the serial 170 hp (125 kW). This is an increase of more than a quarter. Therefore, also the maximum torque of the Diesel engine rises from 350 to 410 Newton metres (1,179 Euro). The strongest petrol engine reaches 200 hp (147 kW) with Seat. JE DESIGN even brings the TSFI-engine to 245 hp (180 kW) and lifts the maximum torque from 280 to 355 Newton metres (1,379 Euro).


The JE DESIGN Exeo presents its gained power at the rear. With two sport rear silencers with two individual stainless steel pipes, each measuring 80 millimetres in diameter, provide a roaring sound and confirm the increased potential of the estate car (899 Euro).

Matching the new sport look, the refiner lowers the Exeo 35 mm closer to the tarmac by applying shortened suspension springs (219 Euro). This way, the wheels in the design Multispoke with a graphite matt surface and matt silver edges look especially noble. The rims in 19 inches are made for high-performance tyres measuring 235/35 R 19 (entire wheel set for 2,930 Euro).

In contrast to the very sporty outside look of the car, the interior is designed in extraordinary luxury. The leather equipment Elegance (1,599 Euro) turns the cock-pit into a noble travel centre. Also the steering wheel (399 Euro), the gear shift skirt and the hand brake cuff (together for 179 Euro) are covered with the finest leather. The freely selectable combination of leather- and seam colour allow an absolute individualisation and even without any surcharge. For even more originality, JE DESIGN embroiders a logo into the back rests of the front seats according to customer preference (79 Euro).


Customers who seek even more comfort can opt for a two-level seat heating (379 Euro), an electrically adjustable lordosis-rest for back-protection while travelling (319 Euro) or the massage system which is integrated in the seats (429 Euro) and treats the driver with twelve programmes at six massage points in a very silent way.

With the extensive amendments at the new Seat Exeo ST , JE DESIGN provides the perfect combination of sporty appearance and comfortable journeys.



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