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Image Copyright: AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer HP2 Concept bike

AC Schnitzer teamed up with WP Suspension and Dunlop to accomplish a goal to make a special superbike of the BMW HP2. AC Schnitzer HP2 Concept Bike with ROR weight of 190kg, 111 HP power @ 7200 RPM and 120 Nm of torque @ 5550 rpm is the end result of joint venture!

AC Schnitzer HP2 – we've done it!

AC Schnitzer Concept Bike – HP2 Superbike

Immediately after the launch of the HP2 Enduro by BMW, it was clear that this machine presented a new challenge to the AC Schnitzer engineers. The challenge was to make a very special Superbike out of the HP2. With the collaboration of our two partners WP Suspension and Dunlop however we've achieved success..

The details:

For fast acceleration on the road and track, safe braking is essential - so the second front brake was an important part in the engineers' specifications. The fully adjustable upside-down fork from WP Suspension with diameter 50mm brings sufficient rigidity and provides a mounting for the 2nd brake. The 4-piston callipers of the R 1100 S BoxerCup Replica are fitted with adapters and grip the corresponding 320 mm diameter brake discs. They are activated with a 17mm radial pump from PHOENIX, which is matched by the 16mm radial clutch pump.

The rearward view is provided by mirrors with milled arms from AC Schnitzer.

To balance the front wheel guide, the rear spring strut is replaced by a fully adjustable WP Suspension spring strut with higher spring rate.

The HP2 now runs on V-Performance wheels by AC Schnitzer in sizes 3.5 & 5.5 x 17. Dunlop Sportmax GP Racer tyres in sizes 120/70 ZR 17 and 180/55 ZR 17 provide the necessary grip.

Extra power was found in the exhaust system. The high performance manifold without catalyst by AC Schnitzer together with the AC Schnitzer titanium rear silencer brings the power to an impressive 111.3 HP at 7500 rpm. Without the dB killer, the power would be an awesome 112.5 HP. The torque is 120 Nm at 5550 rpm.

After the extensive conversion, the ready-to-ride weight is 190 kg, with the axle distribution precisely 50% front and rear.

For design reasons, in pure Superbike mode a Boxer Enduro is naturally at a slight disadvantage in comparison with a specifically designed machine with a different engine concept. But the AC Schnitzer HP2 handles as well as a Go-Kart on tight corners. There it reveals potential of a level previously reserved for competition. The powerful engine, excellent suspension by WP Suspension and grippy Dunlop tyres provide pure riding pleasure at the highest level.

The AC Schnitzer HP2 is only available as a Concept Bike in this form. At present a conversion kit is being tested for use on public roads. This will consist of the V-Performance wheels size 17", a second brake with adapter for the standard fork, the characteristic AC Schnitzer rear silencer and the high performance manifold.

AC Schnitzer HP2 Concept bike


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