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Mid-Engined RWD Integra Project

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Where's the engine?? A member Dave used to drive a supercharged Toyota MR2 and said it was the most fun he ever had. However, he also loved Hondas so he set about making a fun car of his own. His goal was a decent daily driver with excellent handling that would see occasional track time.

With about $10K and a 94 Integra GSR, he set off to make his Frankenstein. He purchased a crashed 97 Prelude and chopped off the front end as a starting point...

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He took the entire front end of the Prelude and stuck it inside the cabin of the Integra..


Skip many many months of hard work and what you get is a Mid-Engined RWD 94 Acura Integra with a Honda Prelude H22A4 engine, a Prelude dash, and one hell of a unique and fun automobile.


Read all about it at Honda-Tech.

Mid-Engined RWD Integra Project


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