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Image Copyright: USA Today via Autoblog

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Go Speed Racer!

UPDATE: Wallpapers and video interview available below

Ahhh yes.. the Mach 5. I have many fond memories of it while watching Speed Racer saturday morning cartoons. To me, it was the fastest car EVER! And it has been recreated here for the new Speed Racer movie due out next May.

"The film, Silver says, will have a "retro future" look and will center on Speed (Hirsch) trying to make a name for himself in the racing world despite the efforts of corporate giants to foil his career."

The highly anticipated movie is being directed by the Wachowski brothers of "The Matrix" fame. However, expect to see a change of pace compared to the darker movies they've done before. This movie will be more family oriented with a brighter happier feel. But don't worry, the special effects will be as awesome as ever. From the looks of the car alone, i'm sure it's already going to be a good one.

Update: The cast of the new movie held an interview about the new project during the official unveiling of the car in Germany. The film will star Matthew Fox (of LOST), Emile Hersch, Susan Sarandon, and Christina Ricci.

Go Speed Racer!


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