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FYK hydrogen gas concept car

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The FYKproject is intended to build market awareness of natural gas and NaturalHy (HCNG) as serious alternative fuels for automobiles that satisfy existing consumer expectations for personal transport.

Powered by NaturalHy (HCNG) which consists of 8-20% hydrogen, 92-80% compressed natural gas, built almost entirely in aluminium, and using cutting edge wireless communications solutions from norwegian IT-companies, the FYK concept car will exceed consumer expectations for a ínormalí sportscar...



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Body, chassis, suspension, wheels, motor and even the interior, are produced in recyclable aluminium. Exterior and interior design show different aluminium-shaping techniques and surface treatments.

The norwegian oil and gas company, Statoil, views NaturalHy (HCNG) as a possible commercially viable step towards a future potential hydrogen market, they therefore provide fuel for the FYK-project. In addition the FYK car will be launched at the same time as Statoil opens Norway's first hydrogen/NaturalHy/natural gas filling station in august 2006 in Forus, Stavanger.

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FYK hydrogen gas concept car


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